5 Perfect Features and Benefits of Cat Hotels

How can you provide the best cat care while you’re away? Among Australian households with pets, over one-quarter own cats, according to RSPCA. If your family is away for events like vacations, it’s critical to provide your feline friend with everything he or she needs, including meals, snacks, and bed. Your cat can experience a wide range of benefits from a cat hotel that can make it their home away from home until you get back.

Here are some of the main benefits of temporary cat homes:

Spacious Space

You can find catteries that provide a large space for your pet. Since cats are very territorial, they prefer large spaces that allow them to roam around. It should be your top priority when selecting a cattery.

The feature will help your kitty-cat to feel at home while staying in the cattery. Your feline must be as comfy as possible until you return to pick them up, and having enough space to move around is one of the most important features.


It’s important for your cat to get cat food with all the nutrients they need. For example, meat protein is one of the most important ingredients in cat food since it’s a critical component of their diet. Other ingredients like omega-3 are also important for a healthy coat, for example.

It’s also important for cats to have fresh drinking water every day. This is critical for their digestive system. A cattery can help to make sure your feline has this key part of their daily diet.

Cat treats might also be added to your fur baby’s daily diet. Healthy cat treats can help to keep your pet happy until you get back. Selecting the right snacks can help to make sure you have a happy cat. It can also help to add essential vitamins and minerals they need for their daily diet.

Play Areas 

Recent studies show that half of Australian pets are overweight, according to Sydney Morning Herald. It’s important for your pet to get the exercise they need while they’re gone. Some catteries include play areas where they have the ability to stretch, climb, and hide.

Exercise can provide several benefits for your pet. This is important so they can burn calories and strengthen muscles. Exercise can also help to boost their mood, which is also important for a happy cat.

Professional Staff

A pet hotel can help to make sure your fur baby gets professional care. This is critical to make sure the employees have received the necessary training to provide quality care for your pet.

For example, they’ll have knowledge about issues like cat diet, behaviour, and psychology. This knowledge can help to provide better cat care, which is critical.

Convenient Locations

You can find catteries located in nearby locations such as near Australian airports. This adds more convenience since you can easily drop off your pet before you fly away for a business trip or weekend getaway.

Sometimes catteries also have veterinarian partnerships. This provides a key feature in case your animal needs a checkup while you’re away, for example. It’s another feature to give you peace of mind.

If you’ll be away for a while, a cat hotelcan provide all the care your pet feline needs. That includes features like healthy food, play areas, and trained staff. This can provide everything your feline needs in their home away from home.