4 Ways The ePOD System Changes the Logistics Game Positively

The conventional paper-based delivery systems are still used in the mainstream logistics scene, but it is slowly being replaced with something more innovative.

Everyone knows how frustrating paper-based delivery systems can be, especially for those who work at a logistics company’s back office. They have to deal with mountains of papers every day to sort everything out with their delivery system.

But those days are already gone, thanks to the rise of electronic proof of delivery or the ePOD system. It offers a much better way of tracking paper forms. But there is more to it than meets the eye.

This post lets us see some of the most notable advantages of utilising a proof of delivery app and why your company must take advantage of its efficiency.

  • Improves Business Operation

One of the most obvious reasons why the ePOD system is far better than its predecessors is that it helps improve the logistical aspect of your company. Using it is essential for your logistics chain to accurately deliver a package to its rightful destination and the intended recipient.

Most of the world’s popular logistics companies have already replaced their old systems with the ePOD system, if you would notice. They are no longer lingering in the past using their old system considering their large-scale operations, which covers the entire world.

  • Gives Access to Data Instantly

The ePOD system or the proof of delivery app collects data efficiently from the delivery team in real-time. All the data is transmitted regardless of their location in the world with technology in communication such as the internet. It means the back office instantly reviews the proof of delivery date.

It also helps them generate invoices quickly at the same time, resolving customer issues efficiently. It also helps them schedule deliveries and shipping a lot quicker than the conventional paper-based system.

  • Decreases Customer Dispute Cases

One of the prevalent and biggest problems of a logistics company is customer disputes. The most common logistics problems are missing shipments, wrong delivery address, etc. It is both time-consuming and damaging to a company’s reputation, especially if it results in legal battles.

Equipping your team with an ePOD system helps minimise these incidents. Your delivery drivers can easily send you data of their advanced proof of delivery, such as their GPS time stamps and even photos of the actual delivery. These are solid pieces of evidence you can provide to your customer whenever they dispute the delivery. Wrong shipping addresses, missing shipments, damaged items, and other issues are very prevalent among many logistical companies. So, with the use of this technology, disputes will no longer stress your entire company.

  • Streamlined Operations and Processes

Like other technological innovations, the ePOD system speeds up many processes both in the back office and the field. It replaces manual data entry processes with its real-time delivery of electronic data, which saves your team countless hours of paperwork that are finished in minutes. It is also efficient in delivering or transmitting data between systems for invoicing. Also, it improves your customer communication through automation which reduces inbound calls from your customers. Instead, they now rely on the proof of delivery app, which sends them a real-time notification about their package shipment.


Now that you have figured out the advantages of utilising the ePOD system, it does not matter what industry your business operates in. This technological innovation fits in a wide range of industries and business niches.

The advantages listed above are just a few of a long list of benefits to help a business become more efficient and productive.