4 Great Ways to Relish Your Gin

During celebrations, events, or other types of gatherings, liquor is usually involved. Whether you are celebrating your company’s 50th anniversary or your birthday, alcohol should be present. It is the perfect drink for many social gatherings since it serves a single purpose; to make everyone have fun. If you feel a bit anxious talking with other people, grab yourself a drink at the bar and slowly feel your anxiety disappear!

With your usual alcohol choices, including beer and vodka, you should not leave out gin in the mix. What makes it a diverse drink is the many things you can do with it. Once you buy your gin at a Gin distillery, you have free reign to create different gin mixtures that everyone will love drinking. You can find four kinds of gin mixes that are popularly drunk by people worldwide, and they are:

  1. Gin Martini

If you are one of the numerous people who love the classic James Bond films, you should not forget his signature drink; his martini. While his drink has a mix of the most expensive liquors, you can “almost” get the same type of drink by using gin as an alternative. You can find that this cocktail has a blend of gin, olive or lemon garnish, and vermouth. Considered as a classic combo, you can also find different variations of the gin martini such as blending dry white vermouth with a dry martini to lessen the sweetness. You should never forget to add sweet and dry vermouth if you want to achieve a perfectly balanced gin martini. Another variation is the dirty martini, where bartenders add a bit of olive brine to make the martini saltier and to have an olive-ishflavour.

  1. Gin and Tonic

Several gin enthusiasts like the gin and tonic and some even consider it to be one of the “legendary” combos. A fun fact about gin and tonic is that it was invented in the 1700s by British colonialists. But even though it was invented by the  British soldiers, it is known as a “lady’s drink” because it does not have the same alcohol level as the other drinks like vodka or beer. It is also because of the stereotype that women are mostly the only ones drinking gin and tonic. People who believe in the stereotype have not tried drinking gin. Once they get a taste, they probably might get hooked.

  1. Gin and Cucumber

If you have a ton of gin lying around, make sure you do not forget to try the very infamous gin and cucumber blend. What is fantastic about this drink is that you can taste the botanical spirits and cucumber’s conflicting flavours. Usually, people add the cucumber as it features various botanical flavours, including juniper, citrus, or pepper, giving it an exceptional flavour. If you want more diversity, try mixing the cucumber with the gin and tonic because it gives off a more unusual taste that you will rarely find in bars.

Now that you know the four most famous gin combinations, make sure you pair it up with high-quality gin from a reputed Gin distillery. Drinking gin is always better when all the ingredients are bought from the best of the best. But before you drink the several gin blends, try drinking straight gin to get the feel and know the feeling of tasting pure, quality gin.