How to Avoid Ruining Your Auto Accident Claim

Have you been involved in a car accident? When it comes to your auto accident cases Joliet IL requires accurate and prompt reporting from all involved parties. If an investigation determines that you are not at fault, you may receive compensation from the other parties’ insurance companies.

Most people know what to do after a car accident. Here is a list of things you should avoid doing after your car accident. Any of these actions can hurt your case and result in an undesired judgment.

Paperwork Problems

  • Your auto accident case requires a crash report if the incident caused injury, death, or property damage of $1500 or more. This report needs to be filed with your local police precinct and the Illinois Department of Transportation. When filling out reports and giving official statements, be honest. Don’t embellish the truth. If an investigator discovers you were less than truthful, your case can be denied.
  • Make sure all required paperwork is accurate and filed in a timely manner. Your legal representative can help you.
  • Don’t sign anything before talking to your legal representative.

Keep It to Yourself

  • Do not talk about your pending case with insurance adjusters, media, or anyone besides your legal representative. What sounds like an innocent request for information could negatively impact your pending case.
  • Be careful with social media posts during investigations. Insurance companies and lawyers will be combing your online presence for anything they can use in court to reduce or deny your settlement.
  • Keep records of all medical visits, treatments, and prescriptions. These are evidence of injury that your lawyer can use to defend your claim. Take pictures before and after any surgical procedures related to your accident.

Rely on Professional Counsel

  • When defending your auto accident case Joliet does not require that you have legal representation. However, it is recommended that you obtain legal counsel as soon as possible after your accident. A lawyer who knows the system increases your chance of a favorable judgment.
  • Communicate with your legal team. If you change addresses or jobs, or receive phone calls or letters from other parties about your accident, make sure your lawyer knows right away.
  • Follow your doctors’ and therapists’ orders exactly. Failure to follow medical direction can cause your payments to be reduced or denied.

Being in a car accident can change your life. Know your rights, keep clear documentation, and seek professional guidance to ensure the most favorable outcome for your case.