Useful Tips on Building Your Dream Modular Kitchen on a Budget

Are you planning on redesigning your kitchen? Renovating or redesigning kitchens requires a lot of time and effort on your part. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to remodelling your kitchen. You also need to take into consideration the budget too. You need not have to spend a fortune on designing your kitchen.

Doing your Homework

If you browse online, you might come across many companies that have different ideas on how an ideal modular kitchen should look like. The right interior designers also matter here. They will be the right people who can guide you on the type of modular kitchen that will suit your home. Ensure that you go with credible interior designers for the job. Check their reviews and ratings and ask for samples of their work.

If budget is your concern, then you can check with websites such as Livespace which has branches in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Okhla and Mumbai that offers you an estimate on your whole kitchen project.

On their website, you can choose your kitchen layout, measurements, and the different types of materials that you would want for your modular kitchen and the accessories to go with it. The website that populates your modular kitchen price, based on which you can make your decision.

The ideal standard for calculating the estimate for modular kitchens depends on the labour cost involved, quality of materials used and the styles and designs. Many contractors might put forth their estimates based on sq feet, which should not be entertained. Ensure that you are aware of such things before talking with contractors for the job.

Designing a Modular Kitchen on a Budget

Wall art paintings, not simply makes your kitchen modern, additionally, it gives more characters to the kitchen wall and the part that it lacks generally. The kitchen is the most used space and it’s imperative that the realm is decorated in a way that creates it looks additional spacious and generous rather than untidy and compact.

They’re the maximum amount a part of the house as the other area, say living room, and thence it deserves our attention and the creative instinct to create it additional homely, not simply a mere operating area. It’ll produce an excellent space to work in and replicate absolutely the style of the food that comes out of the kitchen.

Buy art from a trusted online gallery like It is a great online art destination for you if you want more high-end original paintings at an affordable price, so really, there’s something for everyone.

There are a lot of ways in which you can design your modular kitchen without having to shell out money from your pocket. Some tips that can be useful here would be:

  • Not limiting your options to one interior decorator
  • Comparing the prices or estimates with few credible interior decorators and choosing the best ones
  • Enquiring about the different types of ply and choosing the most economical ones
  • Choosing the kitchen accessories such as handles and hinges that are of the right finish
  • Choosing matt type laminates for the kitchen as these are easy to clean and maintain
  • Ensure to go in for customized semi modular kitchen wherein you can go green and save on huge electricity costs
  • Make use of spaces for your modular kitchen. This includes adding pantry shelves, racks and lofts to the kitchen designs

If you are going in for custom based ones, then it is always better to shop for your kitchen accessories on your own. You can purchase all your kitchen accessories in any wholesale market for an economical rate. Secondly you can even add a personal touch to your modular kitchens.

If you have some design in mind, you can run it with your contractors or interior designers and see how well they can fit in within your budget. You can have pantry tall units to store food items and sectional drawers for cutleries. You can even add built in bins for your trash.


Modular kitchens are practical, stylish and easy to manage. Ensure that you do not forget to have slots for your electrical appliances along with proper ventilation and lighting.