The top advantages of making the switch from smoking to vaping

There’s no doubt about the fact that vaping is a market that is booming and as per what the experts predict about the future, this industry is going to get bigger and bigger with time. Keeping in mind the health-conscious society that we’re living in now, more and more smokers are quitting smoking because of a plethora of reasons. As the e-cigarette companies are promoting their devices as the best alternative to smoking, an increasingly large number of people are using vape devices in order to quit smoking.

In the year 2017, UK had almost 2.9 million vapers, a number which has increased manifold from what it was few years back. 1.5 million vapers were all ex-smokers which clearly implied that more than half of the electronic cigarette users has quit smoking tobacco. So, if you’ve recently bought your vape pen from, make a decision as to leave smoking for good. Here are few ways in which you can benefit by switching to vaping.

#1: Less prejudice to your health

We already are aware of the fact that there are 7000 toxic chemicals in the smoke of cigarette among which at least 70 are directly linked with cancer. Hence quitting smoking can be the healthiest decision ever. E-cigs are a smoke-free source of nicotine and though nicotine is addictive, it is not a reason behind cancer. Public Health England claims vaping to be 95% safer than smoking.

#2: Lighter on your pocket

There’s no denying the fact that smoking is an expensive addiction and an average smoker spends more than 29 pounds for buying cigarettes in a year. With the changing laws and taxes on cigarettes, the costs can increase. On the contrary, vaping just demands an upfront investment in the form of a starter kit. Later on, the recurring costs will be the coils, e-liquid, tanks and replacement carts. Hence, this shows a considerable saving.

#3: Convenience

Vaping is way more convenient and practical than smoking. While the smoke of tobacco will linger on your clothes, fingers, mouth and also inside your room, the vapour from e-cigs disappear very soon and the odor will take just few seconds to vanish. Moreover, if you’ve had the habit of smoking indoor, the vapour from vape pens won’ even add any stain on your ceiling.

Therefore, vaping can help you in more ways than one especially when you consider it to be a smoking cessation tool. Instead of smoking a pack of cigarettes in a day, choose vaping as this is the only way in which you can protect your health.