Should you buy fire rated ?

In a country like Australia, one gets quite used to seeing things going ablaze. After the recent forest fires, it has many people thinking about what would happen if the fire were to reach their homes at some point in time? What could they do to protect their family from being engulfed in flames? How would they even fight or at the minimum slow the fire down? Now, they have come across a lot of fire retardant tools with the most important tool being fire rated doors.

What is a fire rated door?

Fire rated doors or fire retardant doors are those that are specifically produced to slow down or stop the fire from spreading inwards to the home. It has been designed to make sure that within a particular time frame it will not combust or let any smoke enter the room. This has been made to ensure that the structure of the room and its occupants remain unharmed as most of the harm from the fire and most of the lives lost come from the poor structural framework. While the ratings of the average fire door keep changing, the most common period for a fire-rated door ranges between 20 – 60 – 90 minutes.

Where can they be used?

The fire-rated door can and should be installed everywhere in residential buildings, offices, schools, factories and dormitories. These doors however are not designed to be fireproof. They are made of wood and combustible materials although they will resist the penetration of heat, smoke and fire for a particular period before they combust into flames. Fires can be extremely dangerous because it just takes one spark to burn everything that a person has spent their life building to the ground in a matter of minutes. Smoke is equally dangerous, especially in a situation where the person is trapped, smoke will displace the precious air that they require.

Benefits of a fire rated door

Fire doors not only play a part in stopping the dire from approaching and taking the lives of their family, but they also play a mental role. They help the family get better sleep and give them peace knowing that if an unfortunate incident like that were to take place, the fire-rated door would be there to keep them safe and keep the heat and flames out for long enough for them to save themselves.

The average cost of a fire rated door is on the higher end of the