Law Enforcement Supplies: 5 Must-Have Equipment and Accessories

There are three levels of law enforcement in the U.S., including local, state, and federal. Today, the number of law enforcement officers per serious crime is higher compared to the 90s and early 2000s. We are at about 77 officers per 1,000 serious crimes.

However, taking a career in law enforcement requires more than sacrifice and goodwill. Dealing with violent criminals in the street can be quite risky. That’s why police officers need high-quality law enforcement supplies at all times.

Police can wear law enforcement accessories or carry them in their patrol vehicles. What’s important, these items should protect them in case they encounter any aggression. Moreover, law enforcement equipment also protects the public.

Here is a quick guide on law enforcement tools and equipment.

1. Self-Defense Law Enforcement Supplies

Protective law enforcement clothing and accessories are vital in a police officer’s everyday life. Besides armored clothing, police officers also need guns and ammunition. Pistols will work for light duties, but a shotgun is handier when responding to extremely violent crime scenes.

Many police departments prefer the Glock handgun for on-duty operations. However, there are other pistol models, such as the 10mm and the 9mm.

2. Duty Belts

When out on patrol, your law enforcement supplies should be within easy reach. This allows you to respond swiftly to aggressions before anyone gets hurt. Duty belts make it easy for police to carry and access law enforcement equipment.

Also known as the gun or kit belt, duty belts can feature leather or nylon construction materials. Usually, they are black.

3. Bullet-Proof Body Armor

It can be dangerous for a law enforcement officer to go out in the streets without putting on a bullet-proof vest. Remember, not all criminals surrender willingly. The higher chances are that they’ll resist any arrest with violent aggression.

There are different levels of ballistic body armor. The ideal option depends on your potential threat level. If you want maximum protection against pistols, rifles, knives, or even small explosions, you should buy high-quality Ballistic Armor from BlueRidge Armor.

4. Handcuffs

Police use handcuffs regularly more than other law enforcement equipment such as guns and weapons. You’ll likely use handcuffs when keeping a criminal under control immediately after arrest. This prevents the criminal from creating more chaos or harming the people around.

You may detain more than one suspect at a crime scene. In that case, it’s advisable to carry a pair of up to three handcuffs during patrols.

5. Radios

Radios make one of the most vital law enforcement accessories because they help coordinate operations. Police departments use radios to facilitate communication between the dispatch and units on the ground. Usually, they use codes when communicating to expedite operations.

A reputable law enforcement accessory store will sell radios that come with a pouch. However, you can attach most radio designs on the shoulder or utility belt. Sometimes, you can also hold the radio in your hands when chasing a criminal.

High-Quality Law Enforcement Clothing and Accessories Enhance Safety

Law enforcement officers are unsung heroes who put their lives at risk to ensure everyone is safe. However, in doing so, the officers must be safe too. You can find all these safety items in an online law enforcement accessories store.

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