How to Find the Safest Online Sports Betting Platform

According to the latest Australian online betting stats, the total online betting expenditure has reached $1.235 billion. However, the biggest question that still comes to mind is how safe is online betting. If you want an answer to your question, you need to look at the sports betting platform’s features. Here are some tips for finding the safest online sports betting platform. 

Licensing Information 

According to experts, when it comes to online betting, proper licensing is a must. If any sports betting platform does not provide licensing information, it is more likely to scam. There are several licenses the online sports betting platform needs to obtain before offering services. Some of the licenses they need are

  • An operating license
  • A personal functional license 
  • A personal management license

Online betting platforms allow international users to get approval from a specific country’s specific gambling commission. 

Deposits and Payout Information 

Cashing in physical casinos is instant, but things change when you bet online. Platforms like offer clear guidelines on deposits and payouts for different games. 

When looking for a safe betting platform, look for the terms and conditions mentioned for deposits and payouts. If you find any terms and conditions that will prevent you from getting your winnings or there is no time limit specified for payouts, it is a red flag. 

Explicit Mention of Bookmarker Fees

A bookmarker is a person or organization that accepts payments and pays off bets on sporting events at agreed-upon odds. Reputed online sports betting platform allows bettors to increase their winning by placing their bets against bookmaker odds. The website also has an explicit mention of fees and commission of bookmakers for accepting your bets. 

If the website does not provide explicit mention of bookmaker fees, you might lose a large part of winnings as payment towards bookmaker fees. Some shoddy betting sites use this trick to dupe bettors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginners have several questions related to online betting. It is the betting platform’s responsibility to provide answers to the curious mind of beginners in online betting. The FAQ section indicates the online sports betting platform is aware of its responsibility and has taken efforts to answer the most common questions that come to mind for beginners. 

Contact Info and Live Chat Option

The FAQs section might not answer all questions of bettors. In many situations, speaking to a person becomes vital to quell your doubts. The online sports betting platform should offer contact information to allow bettors to contact customer service in case of any problem. 

A live chat is a good option as it allows interaction with a person from the online betting platform, and the bettor is not required to go to any other platform or dial a number to contact customer service. 

To sum up, if you think online sports betting platforms are not safe, your fears are misplaced. Today, most online sports betting platforms use HTTPS protocols for their websites which is a security mark. Selecting an online betting platform with the right safety features will ensure no one robs your investment and winnings.