3 Crucial Steps to Prepare Your Car for Auto Detailing

Sydney records the most number of citizens in Australia. The major economic, tourism, and cultural hub of New South Wales has 4,914,343 residents as of 2019. Most working-age residents find their jobs in the city’s Central Business District and other major suburbs like Parramatta, Macquarie Park, and Bondi Junction. 

Since the economy is good in the city, most households can buy at least one vehicle to use as a form of transportation. The latest statistics claimed that 46% of Greater Sydney residents have access to two or more vehicles. It means that industries like car detailing in Sydney are also doing well. 

If you own a car, it is important to ensure that you take care of your vehicle’s integrity for as long as possible. Regular trips to car detailing shops are very important. It will help ensure that you enjoy the smooth-sailing drive of your vehicle for a long time. 

If you are about to go to a car detailing shop, you need to prepare your vehicle before the professionals take over properly. Here are the things you need to do before you take your vehicle to an auto detailing shop.  

  • Decide on the Type of Car Detailing You Want 

Car detailing shops offer two major services, interior detailing and exterior detailing. 

The first one is perfect for vehicles that accumulated plenty of interior dirt, especially after a road trip. It will eliminate all the hidden food crumbs on the seats or all the neglected papers and receipts concealed by the carpets. It will also get rid of pet hair and stains after a thorough cleaning. 

Meanwhile, the exterior detailing will make your car look shiny and new. It will minimise the appearance of dents and scratches. This service will also eradicate all the stubborn watermarks left during your previous car wash session. You may consult with your car detailing service provider to help you decide which service is right for your vehicle. 

  • Call the Shop in Advance 

It is important to contact the car detailing shop beforehand to secure a slot for your preferred time. This step is very important, especially during the Fall when most car owners choose to get the services in preparation for the winter. 

Scheduling your car detailing session also allows the shop to prepare for your arrival. It will let them gather all the necessary tools and equipment needed to make your car look great. You may also inform the service provider to put you on a routine schedule to ensure that you have the car washed regularly

  • Clear Your Vehicle

If you want to ensure that the professionals thoroughly clean your vehicle from the inside and out, you must take out the contents before going to the auto detailing shop. 

You must leave personal items like bags, toys, and papers at home. You must also clear out the gloves box and centre consoles. It will lessen the amount of time that the professionals would use when detailing your car.  

Bonus Tip: Look For A Bigger Work Area 

Some shops for car detailing in Sydney may opt to visit your place to do their services. If you have no time to drop your car at their shop, you may ask them to head over to your place to do the work. But you need to ensure that they can comfortably access all the sides of your car and have plenty of areas to open the doors for detailed cleaning. 

You must also ensure that there are no other parked vehicles nearby. Also, ensure that there are no possible environmental hazards like trees, yard equipment, and approaching traffic to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the professionals working on it. By doing all this preparation for auto detailing, you can get an assurance that your vehicle will look new after the service. 

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To Do or Not to Do? Ceramic Car Coating

Nothing turns heads in a street but a shiny highly polished car. It can be parked, stalled, or stuck in traffic. It attracts attention because the colour stands out. On a bright shiny day, it can even shimmer like glass. And guess what, it does not matter if it isn’t a Mercedes Benz S-class or Tesla. As long as your car is shining, shimmering and splendid, you will get those ogling eyes and craning necks to check out the driver. Now, if you have not experienced that, you might want to consider getting a ceramic car coating. This new waxing technique elevates waxing to a whole new level. 

This coating system uses a special type of chemical (silica and titanium dioxide) manually applied by professionals to your car by nanotechnology. Besides giving your car added value, it gives extra protection that lasts for at least ten years, as long as maintenance instructions are followed. 

Here are its promises:

  1. Scratch protection

Car dings and scratches can tick any car owner off. When you take so much care in opening your car door so it does not hit another car or the wall, but when you come back, you notice a dot of white on your door when your car is red! Aargh! 

A ceramic coating will give your car’s finish a glass-like barrier that gives your car super protection from damages like dings and scratches. That’s peace of mind right there!

  1. UV Rays protection

Australian hot sun can wreak UV damage on your car. Constant exposure to the UV light can penetrate your car to the metal. This causes that dull finish after a few years. Damage from the sun also causes your car paint to expand that opens small pores. These are the gateways for saltwater to get in and once that salt combines with metal, you know what happens. Rust happens. 

The ceramic coating gives your car the essential layer to protect it from UV light and saltwater damage no paint nor wax can provide. 

  1. Hydrophobic 

Slow down, slippery when wet. That is a piece of good advice for drivers. But did you know that more accidents happen during light rain than on heavy downpour (70% wet pavement and 46% from rainfall)? And one more thing, light rain is bad for your car’s finish too. It is not true that hard rain and water pools give your car a good outer and under wash. Revving your car as you pass a pool of water cannot match the pressurized water’s action of removing hardened mud and grime from your car. It is best to wash your car after rain. It will remove splatters of grease and mud and will protect your car’s paint.

Ceramic car coating provides a water-repellant feature to your car. Acid rain ruins a car’s paint finish. The hydrophobic feature of ceramic coating also allows rainwater to just slip and slide through your car’s exterior. Very convenient in the rainy season and hard rainfalls when your car wiper had to work double-time to clear your vision.


Car maintenance goes beyond preventive maintenance schedules and vacuuming. It extends to keeping your car’s exterior polished and protected.  A vintage car costs a premium for a reason. With all the benefits that a ceramic car coating gives, how can you lose? Get it done and get it done professionally. Go to a trusted car detailing studio and as you come home, wait until your wife says, “You bought a car without telling me?”

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Car Crash Aftermath: 3 Key Tips for Dealing With a Car Accident

Have you ever been in a car accident? You’re not alone. On average, there are about six million car accidents in the U.S. each year.

While these can be scary, stressful, and overwhelming for many people, there are ways to move forward after an accident. This article can help.

For our helpful tips on how to handle car crash aftermath, read on for a basic guide.

  1. Assess Medical Needs

The most important tip for moving on after a car accident is to assess you and other people involved for any medical needs. While cars and personal belongings can be replaced, your health should be at the top of your priority list.

While you may feel healthy immediately after a car crash, potential injuries and internal damage may linger. For many people, the adrenaline felt after an accident may temporarily numb any physical or mental pain. After a car accident, consider seeing a doctor for an overall wellness check if you don’t see anything obviously wrong.

These accidents can also often be traumatic and trigger deeper mental health issues. Studies show that many car crash victims may experience PTSD, depression, and drug or alcohol misuse after a severe accident. Be sure to seek help from a professional if you’re experiencing any change to your mental or emotional state.

  1. Document Damages 

While dealing with a car accident can be stressful, it’s crucial that you remember to document everything. On average, accidents with no fatalities or injuries cost 8,900 dollars in property damage. For insurance and other legal purposes, be sure to take photos and write down notes at the scene if you are able.

After a car crash, police officers and road cleanup crews will often move vehicles out of the way of intersections, main roads, and other traffic. Before any movement occurs, try and take as many photos as possible. These photos should showcase the position of the cars, surrounding area, and any damages.

You should also take note of police officer names and badge numbers. This can help you get in contact with them later on if a legal battle were to arise.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Contacting your auto insurance provider is another necessary step to take to protect yourself after an accident.

If you’re able, try and contact your insurance the day of or as soon as possible after your crash. This step can ensure that you’ll get coverage for medical bills, car repairs, or legal fees when you need it.

If the other driver in the accident doesn’t have auto insurance, it’s even more important that you contact your provider quickly. In this instance, your provider may be able to help you with underinsured coverage.

Remember, physical damages to both your vehicle and your person are not always obvious right away. Contacting your insurance provider immediately can help protect you down the road when issues arise. For more on what happens after a car crash, take a look at this helpful article.

Be Prepared for Car Crash Aftermath 

While nobody wants to experience a car accident, it’s a harsh reality that many people face each day. Now that you know these helpful tips, you can feel more prepared to deal with car crash aftermath.

For other information on auto advice, law, technology, and more check out the rest of our website.

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Most Essential Party Bus Solutions for Your Special Occasion Now

Today, many of the guests relax thanks to the transport service that the bride and groom hire for their assistants. But this task is not so simple and requires special foresight.


The bride and groom have a doctorate in surprising all their guests with their arrival at the venue. Luxury cars, limousines, buggies, motorcycles and even helicopters have taken center stage over the years, always depending on the type of wedding. However, the guests, who years ago had to settle for their own vehicle to get to the wedding, have also been fortunate to forget about the personal utility. Today, many of them relax thanks to the transport service that the bride and groom hire for their assistants.

How to choose transportation for your wedding guests

Today, many of the guests relax thanks to the transport service that the bride and groom hire for their assistants. But this task is not so simple and requires special foresight.

How to choose transportation for your wedding guests

The bride and groom have a doctorate in surprising all their guests with their arrival at the venue. Luxury cars, limousines, buggies, motorcycles and even helicopters have taken center stage over the years, always depending on the type of wedding. However, the guests, who years ago had to settle for their own vehicle to get to the wedding, have also been fortunate to forget about the personal utility. Today, many of them relax thanks to the transport service that the bride and groom hire for their assistants. But this task is not so simple and requires special foresight. The Toronto Party Bus option is the best when it comes to a great number of people as they will be able to enjoy to the greatest extent right there. The entire transport option will be the best there.


Generally, the people who choose to use the transport offered by the bride and groom usually follow some patterns. In the first place, older people lead this procession, because at certain ages they prefer to free themselves from the hassle of the car and all that it entails. Also, some of them do not know how to drive and often depend on other people’s vehicles to get to the venue. This service is much more comfortable for them, since they would only have to go to the pick-up point and forget about everything else.

On the other hand, young people tend to bet on these transports for two reasons. In the first place, many of these boys and girls still do not have the capacity to buy a car, either because of their age or because of the difficulties that being young has in recent years. In second and last place, they prefer the contracted transport to enjoy greater freedom during the evening. The middle – aged are often sacrificed more events like these, very repeated throughout his life. Thus, young people, who are still enjoying their first parties, prefer to put the responsibility of the car aside and be able to give themselves to the maximum.

If your guest list includes older and younger people in abundance, it may be a good idea to hire the service. Taking advantage of the occasion, surely a family will join the experience.

Set a number of guests

It is important to know the number of guests, even if it is increasing, to know if it is necessary to hire this transport service and, in that case, which vehicle to rent .

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Here’s How to Find the Perfect Bike for You

Motorcycles lend a fun and memorable way of travelling. Nothing quite matches the experience of travelling in the open air with a 360-degree view.

If you’re considering getting a motorcycle, whether for a new hobby, for personal commute or a road trip across the country, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right two-wheeler for you.

Standard or Naked Bikes

Standard and naked motorbikes may sound confusing to inexperienced riders. However, these terms describe the less sophisticated bikes, which are also easier to use. Motorbikes have unique features that allow more comfortable riding. Among its notable features include low-insurance cost, neutral riding position and a sporty look and feel. For first-time riders, sports bike can be a little too much as it requires the mastering of controls and balancing the bike’s weight.

The Perfect Fit

Sometimes, a bike needs upgrading to fit the owner’s requirements and preferences. One of the many ways you can adjust your motorbike to your liking is the seat, especially when going on long rides. This upgrade allows for better control over the motorcycle since it reduces the distance between the driver’s feet and the motor’s controls and the distance from the ground. Changing the suspensions also enhances your two-wheels’ performance and makes riding more comfortable.

Comparing Models

There are quite a lot to choose from. From sport bikes and electric bikes to vintage and scramblers, compare the models you’re considering to know what suits you best. For advanced riders looking for a powerful motor with switchable traction control and a machine that gives you serious fun, the triumph street triple s may be the one for you.  Don’t skip checking other types, too. Each of them offers a unique feeling and profile, which can help you make the decision.

Brand New or Second Hand

Once you have decided on the model of the bike you will get, perhaps the next decision to make is whether to buy a brand new or a second-hand bike. But know that your decision on this will affect your finances and your affection to the motorbike. As much as possible, try not to make rushed decisions regarding this. If buying a second-hand bike, it’s important to know the usage of the previous owner. You may get it for a lower price, but the condition of the vehicle may already be compromised. On the other hand, getting a brand-new triumph street triple s guarantees that you get nothing but the best. It may be pricier, but the peace of mind that your two-wheeler will last for a long period is priceless.

Motorcycles come in different sizes and styles. They also come in different features and can be as personalized as you want. Being the rider of your motorbike, you need to check closely on these features, so you can choose accordingly to what fits your profile and needs. Personal preferences, such as lifestyle, personality, and physical appearance, play a major role in making the right decision.

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How To Clean Weather tech Floor Mats

One component that really brings together the interior look of your vehicle is your floor mats. Weathertech floor mats not only provide the advantage of looking good, but they also make sure that your interior carpeting stays fresh for years to come. However, the effectiveness of your floor mats all depends on how well you take care of them.

Invest In The Right Cleaning Products

When it comes to auto accessories, investing in the right products can ensure that you keep your car in great condition for many years to come. Your mats need to have the right cleaning solution to keep them both clean and effective at protecting the carpeting of your vehicle from unwanted moisture and dirt damage.

When you head to your local auto parts store, you’ll find a variety of cleaning products. Don’t fall victim to thinking that a regular old household cleaner will work well for cleaning your mats. The truth is that some of these household cleaners have undesirable chemicals that can prematurely wear your weathertech mats. We’re sure you’ve seen those nice vehicle mats that turned a shade of worn white due to mishandling during the cleaning process.

Instead, focus on buying the right cleaning products. They will be labeled as floormat cleaners or floorliner cleaners. These products come in traditional spray-bottle applicators for easy use. Many of these products shot out as a biodegradable foam that cleanses your vehicle mats by removing stuck-on stains, dirt, and even unwanted scuff marks.

The Right Cleaning Products

When it’s time to clean your weathertech mats, you’ll want to remove them from your vehicle. Don’t ever try to clean your mats when they’re still in place in the interior of your vehicle. This just spells disaster and ensures that you’ll damage the carpeting in your car very quickly.

Simply place your mats on a solid surface that will hold them in place and won’t be damaged by water. Use your hose to spray down your specialty mats. This will help to remove any excessive spots of dirt accumulation. Next, you’ll want to spray-on your specialized cleaning solution. Some solutions may require that you let them soak for a couple of minutes before you wash them off. Other solutions may require you to do some manual scrubbing to remove built-up debris on your vehicle mats before spraying them off with water.

Apply The Right Mat Protector

Once you’ve cleaned and rinsed off your vehicle mats, it’s time to let them dry. Don’t use a space heater or put your mats in a dryer. This will apply too much heat too fast and cause them to warp. In some instances, too much heat can cause the mats to completely change out of their original shape. This renders them useless. Simply let your car mats air dry. It shouldn’t take too long.

After your car mats are completely dry, it’s time to apply a protector. This product is intended to condition your car mats to keep them looking like they were just bought. This is the trick that many people forget when they clean their vehicle mats. Without a condition, the mats will get a nasty white film that ages them tremendously.

You can find car mat protectant at your local auto parts store. It should be in the same section as the cleaner, except these products will be labeled as floormat protectors or floorliner protectors. Each product will be a bit different from the next. It’s important that you read the specific instructions for the particular protectant product that you purchase at the store.

Most protectors are simply sprayed on and evenly distributed across the mat via a soft sponge. Be sure to read if you’ll need a sponge while you’re at the store so that you don’t have to make another trip back to the store. Once the protectant solution is easily distributed across all of your car mats, it’s time to let them dry. Again, air drying is best in this scenario.

Once your car mats are completely dry on both sides, you can put them back into your vehicle. When cleaned appropriately, your specialty car mats will last you for many years. And, they’ll always look like they’re brand new.

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Tools Everyone Should Own: Must-Haves in the Shed

Tools are indispensable when there is an emergency. But it is not ideal to buy them only when one needs them; instead, it is better to have them on hand just in case something does come up, and it almost always does. They have to be bought and stored well in advance. So next time, if there is a need to put together a make-shift table or hang a new bulb, there is no need to go shop-hunting for the latest tools. It is also important to choose branded tools like Milwaukee tools to ensure safety and equipment longevity.

Repairs inside a home is not a possibility but an eventuality. Something or the other eventually requires attention, and tools are necessary to do the job well. It is often hard to figure out the much-needed tools because there is an endless variety of tools for different purposes.

Some of the essential tools are:

  • Utility Knife
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Chain saw
  • Power drill



Hammer is the most basic essential tool to have in a toolbox. Without a hammer, there is no reason for nails to exist. From hanging a photo frame to a wall clock, the reasons for needing a hammer are many. 

Uses: Hammers have two sides, with a claw on one side of the head. While one end hits the nail, the other pries nail out when they are no longer necessary. Hammers are also essential in places requiring a substantial blow, like setting lumber or a framing board into its place. 

Which one to buy: Experts claim that the 16-ounce hammer is the most versatile one. A curved claw and a smooth head preferably fit most jobs. The size is well-suited for both small and heavy-duty jobs like fixing a deck. There are fibreglass and wooden handles available. 

How it can save money: A quality hammer allows one to buy affordable furniture that is ready to assemble, which is a much better alternative to buying expensive furniture that is already in its finished form. It also saves money by helping one do home repair or improvement projects themselves. A hammer can come in handy in surprising ways like adding rivets or heel tips to footwear. 


Uses: Most things that are not attached using screws or nails are held together by bolts and nuts. A wrench is essential to manipulate these nuts and bolts. A tractable wrench is the best-buy for any job as it alters its size to suit nuts of all sizes.

Which one to Buy: It is advisable to buy wrenches of different lengths according to experts. A six-inch wrench can fit into tight spaces, while a larger one of over 10 inches will give more comfort for handling tight bolts. There are wrench sets available which come in handy in different scenarios. Buy one that has a broad jaw and handle that is comfortable to hold. 

Pro-tip: Some experts suggest all one needs is an 8-inch wrench, which gets most jobs done. 

How can it save money: This tool being one of the most often-required tools for small repairs and remodelling, can save a considerable amount in constant renovation. 


Plumbing problems, fixing a bicycle, and more home repairs can be improved, with just a set of quality tools like the Milwaukee tools lying around at home. Instead of running to the mechanic or a workshop every time there is a minor repair, it is easier to do it by oneself. Like mentioned before, branded tools last longer and provide safety to the user. Hence it is always the best choice to opt for good quality tools. 

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Planning to Ship Your Motorcycle – Know The Frequently Asked Questions

Your dreamy motorcycle may be a little expensive than you can spend or you find a good deal in another country. Whatever it is, many of us don’t want to spend money to ship a motorcycle, but professional service is one of the best ways to get your motorcycle safely. If you want to know more about it, then this article is for you.

For top-rated motorcycle shipper, you must visit Ship a Car, Inc. They provide expert team service to handle your motorcycle with care. Also, they offer end-to-end service, at an affordable price.

Here are a few frequently asked queries that help you in dealing with a professional motorcycle transporting service.

Whether the driver makes a note of the vehicle’s condition?

Yes, the driver prepares documentation of vehicle condition, origin, as well as destination.

What if the location is not accessible to the trailer/tractor, can the customer meet the driver at the street corner when the driver calls?

Even though having a tractor-trailer location is an easy way to access, but if you are not located in a tractor-trailer location you can meet the driver at a nearby location. You can even hire a small truck, but there will be extra charges for it.

Tips to keep you and your motorcycle running for long-distance rides |  Dairyland® motorcycle

Open and closed trailer, which one is ideal?

In case, you are going to ship the motorcycle long distance, then a closed trailer is a perfect option as it not only keeps the vehicle safer but also protects it from finishing damages as well. For instance, you want to transport an off-road, damaged, or dirty motorcycle it’s good to choose an open trailer.

What types of equipment does a professional service provide?

They provide a variety of equipment including specialty trucks – with loading-assist function, lift gate, or secure ramps, Air-ride suspension – to protect the vehicle from bouncing, and custom pallets or skids – for safety. Also, they offer spacing bars, wheel chocks, metal hooks, tie-downs, and more.

Can the customer pickup on a specific day and at a particular time?

Usually, a driver will call you regarding the arrival time and the driver can estimate only 5 hours time frame. If you want to request a specific date depending on your schedule, then there might be additional charges.

How the customer has to prepare the motorcycle for shipping?

For the protection of the motorcycle, you have to prepare all the units except keys and large units like a slingshot, golf cart, UTV, etc. In case the vehicle is more than 58″ tall, then remove the cage, windshield, and other heavy parts. Also, make sure that the steering is unlocked, disable the alarm system, and keep the vehicle in the mode of transport.

In addition to these, you can also check whether the driver picks up as well as deliver on late hours or weekends, the driver can make a call before arrival, time is taken for the transportation, and more.

By hiring a professional shipping service, you can protect your vehicle from accidents and damages. So, gather information about the top-rated professional shipping service, choose the best one, and schedule your vehicle transportation today.

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Mahindra KUV100 NXT: Moving forward as a petrol-only model!

Even if you that little bit of a knack for automobiles, you might have heard the current automotive scenario. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturers were solely focussing on how to classify their existing line-up so as to meet the new BS-VI emission standards. For those of you who may not know, the BS-VI emission standards are much tighter and require a number of changes to the engine in comparison to the same BS-IV spec motor.

Therefore, all the costs and R&D spent to meet the new norms will be brought down to the end consumers. Now, upgrading petrol engines only demand an insignificant rise in overall pricing, but upgrading a diesel engine will require lots of resources and processes ultimately making the car pricier. Therefore, most of the manufacturers have stepped away from diesel engines for its smaller offering, the KUV100 NXT is one of them.

Subsequently, Mahindra & Mahindra has confirmed the KUV100 NXT will carry forward as a petrol-only model, with the same engine as before, albeit now approved to match the new emission standards.

First launched in the early days of 2016 and updated with a mid-cycle facelift in 2017, the KUV100 has always been a niche product amongst the likes of the segment. Here’s a full model overview of the petrol-only KUV100 NXT.


Over the years, the KUV100 has portrayed how a tall and boxy SUV-like hatchback fits amongst other small cars in the space. Despite its rather odd proportions, Mahindra  has sold quite a number of these over time. It has, however, not garnered as much sales numbers as other cars in the segment.

As for its dimensions, the crossover is 3,700mm in length, 1,735mm in width, and 1,655mm in height. The wheelbase is a respectable 2,385mm, and the kerb weight is 1,085kg for the base-spec trim. Thanks to the tall SUV-ish stance, the ground clearance is 170mm. Moreover, it has a boot space capacity of 243-litres and a fuel tank capacity of 35-litres.

Under the hood, the 1.2-litre three-cylinder mFalcon D75 Diesel engine (77bhp and 190Nm) is now discontinued. Therefore, the KUV100 is now only available with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine, good for 82bhp and 115Nm of torque. It comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission while automatic is not an option.


With the discontinuation of the erstwhile diesel engine – which was rated at 25.32km/l – the KUV100 mileage numbers have taken a toll. As for the petrol engine, it is good for 18.15km/l, as per ARAI.


The first thing to note is that the KUV100 NXT is available with either a 5-seater or 6-seater configuration, depending on the variant. The latter is standard while the former is made only on order basis.

As for the equipment, standard on top-spec trim is a new 7.0-inch infotainment system with GPS navigation. Sadly, it misses out on Apple Carplay and Android Auto. More features like a cooled glovebox, rear parking sensors, new multi-information display power-folding mirrors, mood lighting, etc. are also part of the equipment.


The KUV100 NXT, as of early-2020, comes in eight shades, namely, Flamboyant Red, Pearl White, Designer Grey, Dazzling Silver, Fiery Orange, and Midnight Black. The Flamboyant Red and Dazzling Silver shades are also available with an optional Metallic Black roof.


All the details regarding the Mahindra KUV100 NXT, namely, the engine, specifications, variant wise equipment, colours, dimensions, interiors, and exterior details are extensively covered in the brochure.

Variants and Prices

As of early-2020, the Mahindra KUV100 NXTis available in nine variants, all in the same petrol-manual configuration.The prices start at Rs. 5.50 lakhs for the K2+ variant going all the way to Rs. 7.12 lakhs for the K8 variant (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi). These prices are speculated as Mahindra has not officially revealed the prices as of yet. For the variant-wise on-road prices, visit us at autoX.

For more on the Mahindra KUV100 NXT, be sure to tune in to autoX.  Also, grab the latest info on the new cars, only at autoX.

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Questions You Should Expect From Car Insurance Companies


You have been shopping for car insurance, and you just stumbled upon the best Miami car insurance. As you are planning to approach the insurance company, you need to know that as you may have some questions for the good guys, they will also have some for you. The following are some of the questions that you should prepare to answer.

  1. Have you had a speeding ticket in the recent past?

Why would a car insurance company want to know if you have had a speeding ticket recently? For one, you need to know it is all called for. It is a way for them to find out how likely you are to get into an accident. Also, you need to know that the answer you give them will determine your quote. Look at it this way; if you love to speed, you expose yourself to more accidents. The insurance company will, therefore, use the tickets to increase your rates. For instance, one ticket can make them increase your rate by 15%.

  1. How many car insurance claims have you made in the past?

This is yet another question that an insurer will ask himself for protection. Note that if you have made many claims in the past, then it means that your car has been involved in an accident a couple of times. What that indicates is a high likelihood of such an event repeating itself. For that reason, the insurer will be compelled to put you on higher premiums.

Remember that this is a risk to the insurance company and it needs to account for it. To be safe, it is always advisable to dish out money from your pockets to take care of the minor repair issues. This will reduce your claims.

  1. How much do you drive?

Do not be surprised when this question comes your way. An insurer will always want to know how often your car is on the road. Why? It is a good indicator of how much your vehicle is exposed to accidents and damage. If you spend less time on the road, you are likely to get a lower quote. If you drive a lot, your quote will increase due to the higher risk.

You can also be asked whether you are married or single. Most insurers also use that information to gauge your carefulness on the road. The single people are assumed to be a little reckless.


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