Thinking about these factors, there are three crucial steps to be followed before purchasing a new device, understanding your need, researching the best cost-benefit, and most importantly, having a qualified professional to repair your unit and for the installation and maintenance of the machine.

And that’s what we’ll talk about next, the importance of worrying about the maintenance of the device, even before installation. We list some tips below; check it out:

Check The Condition Of Electrical Installations And Device Connections.

The biggest mistake of consumers is to worry about the operation of the device only when it has failures, and this is a big mistake, especially when it comes to the electrical network. It is necessary that, regularly, there is care to observe if the cables and electrical installations are in good condition. In addition to cleaning, feeding is crucial for the safety and proper functioning of the machine. Remember that it is recommended that the air conditioner be connected directly to the main power network without the use of adapters or extensions.

About the device connections, some factors indicate problems in each one of them. Cooling failure, continuous drips, system not working properly, noise, and odor are the most common signs when there is a problem with machine connections.

Frequently observe the state of connections, flanges, and other fastenings to identify faults before these signs appear. Pay attention to metallic parts, as they always need to be insulated correctly. Another tip is about problems with drip-drip. This may be due to the appliance’s drain hose, as it may be clogged or just squashed, causing unwanted leaks.

Periodically Clean Fins And Coils

The component responsible for the air conditioning process is the coil. Therefore, not sanitizing can cause dirt to accumulate. Attention, dirt plus moisture is the perfect environment for the development of fungus, bacteria, and mold. In addition to harming the functioning of the air, this can cause serious health problems, for example.

The cleaning of the fins must be done by directing the low-pressure water jet in the opposite direction of the parts.

Other important tips are:

  • Protect the interior and exterior of the device
  • Always plan where the appliance will be installed so that it is away from extreme sun and rain.
  • Avoid unnecessary strain on the device
  • Open doors and windows with the air turned on can generate an effort to wear out the device, impairing its useful life.
  • Follow the requirements of the manual to the letter – The Manual has tips on cleaning, maintenance, and errors, so it must be followed by the technician