How would you feel? If you found yourself being taken care of by a quark doctor. You would freak out at discovering such as you would feel your life is in danger and in the wrong hands. Everyone in such a situation would want another doctor. No matter what is new about the supposed quark, it would not make any patients comfortable until there is another doctor. Every patient wants to be taken care of by a trusted and influential person, and all that and more can be gotten at Colorado Advanced orthopedic just come and witness the best of sports medicine doctor.

Pioneers Medical Center has a branch called Colorado Advanced Orthopedics. Our sports medicine doctors offer the exceptional healthcare services required to help you regain your active lifestyle. We are located in Meeker, which is nestled in the heart of the White River Valley. We value our patients and the communities we serve, and we endeavor to provide an exceptional experience throughout your treatment, including any necessary follow-up care. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons have specific fellowship training in total joint care and have advanced expertise in complete collaborative care. Because of their background, they can undertake complex treatments and revision surgeries using the latest and most advanced techniques. The surgeons at Colorado Advanced Orthopedics have training and skill that few medical centers on the Western Slope can match.

Mountain sports injuries are prevalent, and it’s critical to obtain the best care available as quickly as possible. Our entire staff participates in continuous education to ensure that we are using the most up-to-date and successful practices in all aspects of your care. We also invest in cutting-edge technology to enable greater precision during surgical procedures and minimally invasive therapies carried out by our sports medicine doctors.

Our sports medicine doctors are committed to giving you an incredible experience that will allow you to continue your favorite activities and live the life you desire. We provide comprehensive services to address a wide range of injuries at Colorado Advanced Orthopedics. This procedure shortens your recovery period and removes any post-operative limits on the motion.