5 Lesser known facts about Dedicated Server Hosting

Among the range of web hosting packages available, a Dedicated Server Plan is one of the oldest and most trusted ones. Before hosting companies evolved, site owners would host their websites on a web server that was purchased and maintained in-house. With time, as the number of websites increased, the demand for cost-efficient hosting options give rise to website hosting companies and various hosting plans.

Dedicated Server Hosting, is a hosting service where the company allows you to store your website on a web server as the sole user of the server. It offers complete control over the server and allows you to make any changes based on the needs of your site.

Today, we are going to talk about Dedicated Server Hosting and share five lesser-known facts about these hosting plans.

1. Dedicated Server Hosting comes in different types

There are different types of Dedicated Hosting services. These include:

  • Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting – where the hosting company takes care of most of the server maintenance tasks, security scans, and updates, etc.
  • Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting – where you have to ensure that all the management and maintenance tasks are taken care of. While the provider might offer online assistance, it won’t manage the tasks for you.
  • Semi-managed Dedicated Hosting – where some processes or tasks are managed by the hosting company, and the rest have to be managed by you.

2. You can choose the operating system

In a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, you can choose the operating system as per your preference. The applications you need for your business may require a specific type of operating system. Most commonly used are the Windows Server OS and Linux distributions. In some circumstances, the software you run may only be compatible with a legacy OS version. Make sure that the provider you go with enables you to run the OS you need.

3. Design the Dedicated Server as you like (hardware)

In a Dedicated Server Web Hosting plan, you get the flexibility of choosing hardware too. This ensures that you get a hardware setup that has capacity and performance capabilities based on the needs of your website. At the end of the day, the performance of your site depends on that of the server. Hence, look for a hosting provider that offers a range of options with respect to the CPU model, the number of cores and speed, the size of RAM, the type of RAM (e.g., DDR3 or DDR4), hard disk capacity, hard disk type (HDD or SSD-based Dedicated Servers), bandwidth and RAID.

4. The choice of hosting company makes a difference

There are many myths surrounding Dedicated Server Hosting. Some site owners believe that if they are opting for an Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting plan, then the hosting company does not make any difference. This can be a counterproductive thought since the company still manages the infrastructure and hence has an influence over the performance of the Dedicated Web Server. Therefore, it is important to choose a hosting company carefully.

5. Dedicated Server Hosting plans are usually as reliable as in-house Dedicated Servers

When you host your site on a Dedicated Server, you expect maximum reliability since the server is not being shared with other users. However, some site owners are skeptical about buying a Dedicated Server online and prefer owning one and managing it in-house instead. While this offers more control over the server, it also adds up to the cost and responsibilities associated with hosting your site. A Dedicated Server Hosting plan from a reputed hosting company ensures that you receive similar reliability as you would from an in-house Dedicated Server.

Summing Up

It is important to remember that Dedicated Servers have the potential of offering the most secure, customizable, and reliable hosting solution to your site. However, you need to choose the operating system, hardware, software, etc. carefully to make sure that it works best for you. Look for a good hosting company and consider all aspects carefully before buying. Good Luck!