3 Places to Visit While You’re in Solo

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Solo is one of the favorite destination places in Central Java. Check out these 3 locations in Solo while you are in the city.

  1. Jumog Waterfall

Wish to catch magnificent waterfalls pouring down a cliff and twisting into gentle rivers? You may see that at Jumog Waterfall!

Seated among lush greenery all around, the fresh water pours down by a drop and visitors can simply get into the waterfall any time of year. Visit in the morning to avoid the crowds and relish the calm atmosphere (some visitors even come here to meditate!).

Even though you can jump to rock to get closer to the falls, you might also enjoy its opinion from the bridge, or just drop in for a refreshing morning swim.

  1. Kedung Lumbung

If you’re for an adventure, head to Kedung Lumbung, where one can swim and unwind in a rock pool amidst the surrounding nature. Getting there might require a while due to the slippery rock route, but the fantastic view and experience will be refreshing!

Lounging in the natural pool is a relaxing thing to do, but bear in mind that the water can get quite deep. Only skilled swimmers are allowed can get in.

To really dip yourself in the serenity and pure beauty of Kedung Lumbung, you might like to come early to enjoy waters and avoid the crowds!

  1. Warung Selat Mbak Lies

Solo is also referred to as a hub for its local delicacies, and Warung Selat Mbak Lies is the best place to get a taste of it! This neighborhood eatery, rich in history, provides an authentic eating experience with its antique decor and traditional Solo dishes. Try to avoid their peak hours, or you might make a wasted trip!

Selat Solo is made of potatoes, lettuce, lettuce, pickles, and onion, served with their special sauce. It is not only tasty but gulping down the soup-like sauce as locals did was a dining experience that is distinctive too!

We tried their macaroni, topped with a sauce and served at room temperature it was rather dull, and not stand out among the other dishes.