10 foods to avoid while on a diet

Many people find it impossible to lose weight even though they feel they have introduced the correct diet. The reason for the lack of dietary effects may be eating certain foods – if you want to lose weight, keep their intake to a minimum. They can increase your appetite, slow down your metabolism and lead to fat storage. Check here for the most important foods to avoid:

  1. All snacks containing carbohydrates

You may think that only crisps are harmful, but this is not true. When losing weight, eliminate crackers, bread, rice products, sticks and similar products from your diet, which are converted into simple carbohydrates in the body. After eating them, blood glucose levels rise and insulin is secreted, which converts sugar into fat. As a result, the glucose level drops again and you have an appetite for sweets and snacks again.

Another problem is that snacks do not feel full and can be eaten in large amounts. Eating bread, pasta and rice has the same effect. Instead of snacking, eat a small meal that contains healthy vegetables, unsaturated fatty acids, and protein.

  1. Prepared, frozen meals

They look tempting, but many manufacturers use a very large amount of salt in them. Salt retains water in the body, making you both look worse and feel bad. It also slows down the weight loss process.

The finished products must taste good, which is why producers add a lot of fat, which is a flavor carrier, as well as artificial flavor enhancers. For this reason, it is much better to cook at home.

  1. Bars containing fiber

Fiber is an important part of our diet that keeps you feeling full even when you limit your caloric intake. It should rather come from vegetables and fruits, and not be added in a large, one-time dose in the form of a bar. This can lead to stomach pain, diarrhea or constipation. What’s more, most bars contain a lot of sugar and artificial additives. Make sure you have the right amount of fiber at each meal, and eating fiber bars will no longer be needed.

  1. Low-fat products

When you eat low-fat foods, you consume 30 percent more than regular foods, which translates into more calories. Just because a product is low-fat doesn’t mean it’s healthy. To ensure the right taste, manufacturers increase the amount of sugar, salt and other harmful substances in such products. For this reason, they are even less healthy than regular products.

  1. Fruit juices

There is a lot of talk about artificial fruit juices, but even the real ones are not recommended on a slimming diet. Even un-sweetened fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Regular fruit is much healthier because it provides a lot of fiber. Drinking fruit juice leads to an increase in glucose levels, which has the consequences we wrote about previously.

Fruits contain fructose, a natural sugar that reduces your body’s ability to feel it’s time to finish a meal. By drinking fruit juice with your meal, you eat more and increase your risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

0-calorie drinks that are common on low-carbohydrate diets also adversely affect your diet. By feeling the sweet taste, our body prepares to absorb carbohydrates. Drinking 0% drinks also increases the appetite for sweet products. A much better solution is to drink lemon water, or even carbonated water. The latter is a subject of controversy, but what is certain is that it fills the stomach and we eat less after drinking it.

  1. Products sold in large packages

Saving does not pay off when we are on a diet. When you buy products in large packages – such as pasta, cereals and chips, you eat much more of them than if you choose a tiny package. Your brain knows that even more food is available, and therefore you instinctively reach for the next batch. The same is true when you buy food on sale.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol has a very negative effect on weight loss and is therefore advised against by most experts. Even drinking drinks that contain fewer calories does not work. All alcohol is a source of empty calories and does not provide any nutrients. Moreover, when you are intoxicated with alcohol, the chance that you will break your diet is much greater. Also, when we drink, I want fatty food rather than a salad.

  1. Whole wheat bread

Although it is slightly healthier than white bread, it still contains a lot of carbohydrates and a lot of salt. Also, don’t make the mistake of eating more whole grain bread slices than you would eat white bread. For the duration of the diet, it is better to give up eating bread altogether or reduce it significantly.

  1. Tropical fruits.

This is a good snack, but should be avoided if you are on a diet. Most tropical fruits contain a lot of sugar, which contributes to problems with maintaining a proper diet. Instead, choose a small amount of nuts or vegetables.