Are Dissertation Services a Scam?

Dissertation research project, for students pursuing Master’s or Doctorate degree, is the most important academic project in college or university. It reflects your diligence and dedication bothas a student and as a researcher. It builds your writing skills.You get to present all of your labor, patience, independent study results and knowledge that you have gained over the years and lets you express yourself in a subject of your liking and interest.

Thus, drafting your thesis is equally important. The document needs to be structured and well developed on a clear line of thought and research, in response to a central question or a proposition. It is divided into many chapters, all of which are central to the main idea. They contain the detailed explanation of the evidence and other surveys. It is expected of you to be clear of your methodology used while conducting your research and citing the quantitative data.

You must also mention all the reference material that aided you, the academic discipline and the software that you have utilized to complete your thesis.

What are Dissertation Services?

Dissertation services are professional institutions that provide services to write either your entire thesis or individual chapters of your thesis. They dispense aid during any stage of your research. It is a flourishing industry and is mostly based online.

You place your order after which you can choose your writer and discuss the working process and the duration of completion. After the tenure is over, you can collect your paper and review.

Where does the problem lie?

Are there any cases of dissertation services scams While there are many thesis writers available online, some of the websites are fake. They either give you plagiarized material which leads to direct disqualification of your thesis or they give you unsatisfactory work by not employing a real professional. In their sample of work, they display the cream work of other professionals and charge you accordingly but the output produced by them is not up to the standards and this leads to a bad impression on the panel.

How can I avoid such scams?

You can easily avoid any such scams by being extra careful while picking out your dissertation writing company. Go through their ratings and reviews. Review the work of your writer thoroughly. Test their writing and methodology by regularly going through the content and chapters written by them. Assign a few chapters to them and read that before hiring them full time. Don’t hesitate to cancel whenever you feel their work is not satisfactory.

Ask your seniors for recommendations as their options are tried and tested. This is the safest way. And like most things in life, there is no guarantee to anything so always be cautious.