6 Tips to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

When things go right with your special someone, remember that you will only be purchasing one engagement ring throughout your life. However, you also have to keep in mind that buying high-quality and beautiful engagement rings is a huge investment to take. If you don’t have enough experience or any idea on how to do so effectively, check out the best tips below to find the perfect engagement ring:

Set your budget

Before stepping foot in a store, it would be wise to determine how much you plan on spending for an engagement ring. The rule of thumb is usually your salary for two months. However, this is a rule that’s created by the diamond industry. Regardless, it’s still one of the reasonable practices, to begin with before you figure out your budget.

Select a Stone

Most jewellers would usually offer you a pre-set ring, but you can usually obtain a greater deal once you separately choose the diamond. Knowing what shape your sweetheart would want can help you in choosing a stone. It could be marquis, cushion cut, pear, round, etc. But today, the round solitaire is considered the most classic shape.

Pay attention

When choosing the best engagement rings, you’ll need to make numerous choices: Understated or flashy? Gold or platinum? But if you have scoped out the situation in advance, you can make things easier.

Try to pay attention to the jewellery pieces that your significant other usually wear every day. If it’s silver with a complex design, you may start finding a platinum engagement ring with a filigree. But if your sweetheart wears a couple of understated gold jewellery, then you may head in that direction.

Consider Bringing Your Partner with You

Though you will lose the surprising part of it all, doing so can help you guarantee that you’ll be getting the best engagement ring ever. A lot of couples make the selection together for better understanding.

Do Your Research

Before selecting an engagement ring, make sure to research the 4 C’s when buying a diamond. You can also save money by finding a diamond with a high cut and colour but a bit low in clarity. Ensure to use a jeweller’s loupe as you look at the stone. Most inclusions or flaws can barely be observed even with a loupe.

Select the Setting

After finally choosing the stone for the engagement ring, arrange for a beautiful setting. You can opt for a simple solitaire setting or add other details, additional side stones, and even intricate designs. You can choose from titanium, platinum, white, rose gold, or gold.

Pick a Reputable Jeweller

You may ask for suggestions from family and friends. You can also choose to stick to the best jewellers in town and attempt to prevent the mass-marketed jewellers as much as possible. Before buying an engagement ring from your prospective supplier, it’s important to know their return policy to exchange it if you did not properly do your homework.

These are only some of the many things you need to consider to choose the ideal engagement ring for your significant other. However, if you follow the tips listed above, you can effectively choose a ring that your sweetheart would love without breaking the bank.