4 Tools that will help you in playing online poker

Every gambler would like to play poker for entertainment and to earn a huge amount of money in a short period by using the right strategies. Whether you are a recreational player who just considers the game to be a pastime or a professional player who takes it as a way to earn a livelihood, all that matters is how much you have won and lost on the table. Every gambler would look for ways to improve the odds of winning the game. Many poker tools are available in the market, which many players are using to increase their chances of winning.

These tools will offer the help you need while playing the tournament or a simple game. There are times when you are in a dilemma to decide on the flop, turn, and river. This is where poker software comes into play. These tools will improve the game and help you to hone with the skills that are required to win the game. 

Following are some of the best poker tools that are used by many professional poker players 

Tournament Poker Edge

This is a training tool that is exclusively for multi-table tournaments. This tool has all the videos that you can watch to improve the game. The videos are prepared by the professional gamblers with their experience. The training videos are made available every week. You can find live sweats to the theory videos that will impart knowledge on how to play pre-flop, on the flop, river, and turn. Signing up for a reliable online casino like 918kiss Malaysia allows you to benefit from such tools.


This is a critical application which comes with many customizable features. You can download this application on to your desktop and start using it while playing poker. This application will thoroughly analyze single and Multi-table tournaments and calculate the value that is expected for the possible flop decisions. This makes use of the independent chip model to do the computations. This helps you to deal with any kind of pre-flop decisions.

Poker Calculator Pro

This helps you to calculate the winning percentages, strength of hands and chances to boost the winning rate. This comes with different play types and table types. You can adjust the table and style of your game. This is the best tool to calculate the odds while playing the game through voice commands or on-screen HUD. This also has the profile of players and statistics of the players. 

Poker charts

 This is a web service that enables you to keep track of your performance against the performance of the opponents for a casino, online tournaments, and home games. The player can have a track of their play record of all games besides allowing them to keep track of the statistics of hourly rate and profits made. The results can be accessed only by you, but not by the other players. 

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