Workplace Safety: 5 Smart Ways to Improve Office Security

Be honest, how many times have you gone to lunch and left your computer unlocked? Do you have some way of identifying a visitor in your building? Does your office even have an alarm system?

If these questions have got you squirming in your swivel chair, we’re guessing that office security isn’t very high on the agenda where you work. Ignoring the importance of an effective office security policy is a mistake that far too many companies make, opening you up to security breaches such as employee theft, missing equipment, and intruders.

What’s more, not only do tried and tested office security procedures keep customers and employees safe, but they also improve productivity and strengthens your brand.

In need of some office security ideas? Check out these workplace safety tips below!

  1. Install Alarms and CCTV

One of the most effective ways to improve workplace security is by installing alarms and CCTV. Although the cost is high, the protection and peace of mind such a comprehensive office security system provides will make the expense worth it.

These measures discourage criminal activity and can help prevent any in-house safety issues. And, if there is a breach, the alarm system will alert the authorities, while the CCTV recordings will provide solid evidence for further investigation.

  1. Keep Everything Locked

Your office security policy should make it compulsory to keep all devices locked when not in use, and for all employee belongings, including key cards, to be stored in a secure location such as these lockers at all times.

When leaving for the evening, every employee should clear their desk and lock away documents and small items, with the last to leave responsible for locking up and turning on the alarm system.

  1. Introduce ID Badges

ID badges are a vital part of any office security policy, although they’re especially important for offices that welcome a lot of visitors onsite as they help to identify visitors at a glance. To make visitor management even easier, use different colored badges for guests.

  1. Label Office Equipment

One of the most effective office security procedures involves labeling your office equipment with special company ID tags. You should then log these ID labels into an inventory for regular monitoring. This will help protect important devices and will make it easier and faster for you to find out if any equipment is missing.

  1. Go Paperless

More and more office security guidelines insist on a paperless environment. If your company deals with sensitive data this could be a smart move for your office too. With no paper around, potential safety breaches such as employees stealing credit card details or compromising documents being left in the printer are much less likely.

Smart Ways to Improve Office Security

Office security measures help keep everything safe, from customer data to employees’ belongings. With this in mind, it’s important that your office security policy covers all eventualities and potential safety breaches.

But, with these office security ideas and tips to guide you, your office will be a safer place to work in no time!

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