Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working?  

There could be many answers to why is my air conditioner not working?” During hot weather, air conditioners have to work harder to keep your place cool. Sometimes, this can quickly wear down an air conditioning unit. The problem with your air conditioning unit may be easy to fix or it may not be. No matter what situation, you can depend on us to help you.


The first thing you should ask yourself is if the thermostat is set correctly. Make sure that it’s on air conditioning or cooling mode. You’ll need to make sure that it’s set to a reasonable temperature. The hotter it is outside means that you’ll have to set your thermostat lower. Your house should be the same temperature that’s set on the thermostat. Make sure that all of your settings appear normal. It may take a little bit of time to make sure all of your settings are correct on a programmable thermostat.

Is the Air Conditioning Unit Running?

After you make sure that you have your thermostat set correctly, make sure that your air conditioning unit is running. You’ll need to take a trip to where your air conditioning unit is located to make sure that it’s running. The fans should be blowing, and the unit should sound like it’s working. If the air conditioning unit is running, be sure to inspect your air vents in your home. If there is no air coming out of the vent or if it’s blowing warm air, there’s probably an issue.

Odors & Noises

If you smell a foul odor or hear a noise coming from your air conditioning unit, this could signal an issue. To be on the safe side, it’s best that you turn off the unit, and call us immediately.


The next thing you’ll need to check is your breaker box. You could have simply turned off the switch for the air conditining unit and forgot to turn it back on. If you don’t think this is the issue, the breaker could have possibly tripped. If the breakers have tripped, try turning them back on. If the breaker trips again, the air conditining unit is the issue causing it to trip.

It’s not uncommon for an air conditining unit to trip the breaker. Common causes of a tripped breaker include lack of refrigerant, a condenser coil fan malfunction or dirty condenser coils. If your breaker has tripped, you can trust us to fix the issue.

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