Why Forex trading is not a scam

After blowing up their trading account, naïve traders often blame their broker. Though some of unregulated brokers are a key ingredient behind the losses, the high-end brokers can save your investment. As a currency trader, if you fail to find high-end brokers like Saxo, you should not be trading the market. Those who are biased in favor of a low-end trading environment are walking the wrong path. They might even scam you. Many people in Singapore have lost money by falling victim to the scammers in the Forex market. Let’s find out some of the major reasons why you should not consider the Forex market as a scam.

Regulations of the broker

The brokers are paying extreme fees just to get a license to offer financial service to retail traders. The process by which the high-end brokers make money is very simple. They rely on commission and spread. On the other hand, the low-end brokers make money by trading against retail clients and hunting their stops. But this will never be the case if you intend to trade the market with a well-reputed broker like Saxo. Before you choose a broker, read their paperwork so that you know you are trading with a high-end broker who has the necessary authority to offer financial service.

Trading environment

If you think the Forex market is a scam, no high-end broker would choose to offer you premium trading environment. Click here and explore the high-end brokers. The high-end brokers are more like a bank that offers physical transaction of the money. For instance, if you withdraw your profit, you can get the fund directly to your local bank. Unless they were valid, they could never have done this. So, how can we find a good broker who truly cares about their client? Well, you need to assess their trading environment. A good broker will focus on the high-quality trading environment since it is one of the most effective ways to assess the quality of a service.

International market

If the Forex market were a scam, no one in this world would have been able to transfer money from one country to another. Forex is nothing but the exchange of currencies. Those who say this market is a scam, don’t know anything about this market. They need to read a lot about this market so that they can truly understand the nature of this business. Never jump into the trading business without knowing the definition of the trading business. Though people struggle hard in trading, it is not the fault of the brokers. Never expect to earn huge amount of money without learning the details of a new business. You have educated yourself properly and only then can you expect to make some big profit.

Actions of the pro plays

If you ever visit Wall Street you will find thousands of retail traders making millions of dollars just by trading the Forex market. If this market was a scam, no hedge fund or banking industry would have ever existed. Your losses should not change your bias. You know the market will either go up or down. So, if you fail to predict the direction of the trend, how can you expect to make a profit? You should have the analytical skill to find the direction of the market trend based on technical and fundamental analysis. Gather knowledge about this industry so that you don’t have to lose too much at trading.


Trading is an elite class profession. If you can educate yourself, you can expect to become a millionaire. But for that, you must have strong will power to overcome all the obstacles. Never blame the industry for your loss. Educate yourself properly and you can trade like a king.