What is an Automated Optical Inspection Machine (AOI)

Automatic optical inspection machine (AOI machine) is a machine designed to perform vision inspection automatically. The versatile machine can operate on practically any equipment that requires accurate vision inspection. It is used to ensure that the standard of products leaving the line of production is top-notch – without any manufacturing or assembly deficiencies.

The Need For Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Despite significant advances in technology, current circuits are undeniably more complex than boards a few years ago. Hence, there is a need for Automated Optical inspection system Malaysia. The ensuing reduction in size and the introduction of surface mount technology means that the boards are particularly compact. Even medium boards have a large number of solder joints, and this is where most issues develop.

The raise in the complexity of boards also means that physical inspection is not a viable option these days. However the manual inspection approach is accepted, it is not very effective. The reason is that inspectors are often tired; Therefore, the wrong construction can go unnoticed. Therefore, it requires an automated inspection system to make work more efficient and more faster – without much effort on the part of the operator.

Automatic optical inspection machine is also used as an integrated electronics testing strategy to guarantee cost-efficiency. It helps in early detection of defects in the line of production as the marketer needs to bring high quantity of high quality products to the market very reliably and quickly. This implies a need for a fast and reliable method to check and ensure that the quality of the products is 100%.

Automatic optical inspection machines are just the solution. The AOI system can be introduced into the production immediately after the soldering process. With it, problems can be noticed early in the production process. Automatic optical defeat component inspection Malaysia are very important, as it ensures that process issues are detected early in the soldering and assembly area.

Automated optical inspection machine programming

The details of an acceptable board must be programmed on the AOI system to be able to test the PCB assembly. Moreover, the programming must be done accurately to enable the Automatic Optical Inspection Machine to detect any error.

 Below are two tips that can be used to program an AOI machine: 

Use of “Golden Board”: In this method, a known good board is used as the target of the AOI machine. This board is passed through the machine so that it can review important features. It looks at the components and takes into account the solder profiles of each joint and many other aspects.

Algorithm programming: In this system, PCB data is provided to the AOI system to generate its profile for the board. This method also requires actual boards, but does require a bit more than the golden board method.