Travel Tips for Your First Trip to the United Arab Emirates

Are you planning to travel around the United Arab Emirates? To date, it has become one of the world’s popular tourist destinations. It hosts more than 12 million tourists yearly. Although predominantly Islamic, the United Arab Emirates is different from most of its neighboring countries. You need to be aware of their local customs. Some various misconceptions and fallacies exist, maybe you’ve read about it as well. But still, we’ve listed here some tips that you must know before commencing with your trip.  

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It is a world-renowned airline that provides outstanding services to its passengers. And if you want to monitor your flight, you can make use of a flight tracker. It allows you access to significant information on your flight and even gives real-time notifications. Now, are you ready for your upcoming trip? But first, let’s be equipped with some tips that will surely help you.

Dress modestly

As you start packing your vacation wardrobe, don’t forget to consider the country that you’ll be visiting. It is suggested to think conservatively and avoid clothing that’s too revealing and flashy. In the United Arab Emirates, for women, if you’re clothing is too short, transparent, or tight, it’s considered indecent. On the other hand, for men, never walk around without a shirt on. You’re in a foreign country, always respect one’s culture. If you choose to neglect such tips, you won’t avoid unwanted attention from the people. Also, if you have a plan of visiting a holy place like the mosque, be sure to fully cover your arms and legs.

Avoid public display of affection, it is frowned upon 

Pay attention to this, travelers. Although holding hands is acceptable, still avoid kissing in public areas, it’s not okay. Don’t make a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Yes, you won’t get arrested by doing so but you might get a warning from the cops. Public places are not the right venue for this.

Alcohol is expensive

If you want alcohol, you might experience a little difficulty getting one. It’s easily available and besides only hotels are allowed to serve one. Just like Sharjah, it’s completely dry. If you’re in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are license shops that sell alcohol however, the majority will not allow you to purchase unless you have a license. If you opt for cheaper alcohol, head over to the duty-free shops located at the airport.

Driving in the UAE

If you plan to rent a car and drive instead of commuting, you may do so but please be careful of the boisterous drivers in the fastest lane. We can say that driving here is a lot more organized if we were to compare it to other countries around the globe. Just be confident enough and keep calm so you’ll not get intimidated by those rowdy drivers constantly tailgating out there. If you’re not comfortable, you may stay in the lower lanes. Do not drink and drive since there’s a zero-tolerance policy here. Alternatively, going around here is convenient and efficient since the city is well connected by the metro and taxis are easy to find.

Do not worry about the safety

If you’re in Dubai, you don’t need to worry too much since it is one of the safest cities in the world. Besides, nightlife here is pretty amazing. Crime is not something that should be a concern about as you explore the city. But still, you need to aware of your surroundings and bring your common sense. Also, places here are well connected with the metro. If you’re going home or out late, there are ample taxis that are available throughout the night. 

Scan available flights months before the departure

If you want to save money as you purchase a ticket for your upcoming trip to the United Arab Emirates, you may start looking and comparing the prices of the different airlines that fly to that destination. Usually, there are releasing cheapest seats about six months before the scheduled departure dates. It’s not necessarily to buy tickets far ahead of time, but if the price is good enough, you may think of getting it.

Book your hotel months in advance

There are various popular vacation spots in the United Arab Emirates. October until April is the peak season here. If you want to make sure you have a nice and comfortable place to stay before your scheduled arrival, it is advisable to make a hotel reservation at least three months in advance.


Tipping is not really mandatory and expected here. However, on average, a 10% tip is considered good. But unlike some countries like the US, nobody will come asking you if you don’t give tip. Even taxi drivers, don’t expect to receive a tip although luggage carriers and supermarket baggers are normally given a small number of tips for their services.

Traveling during the period of Ramadan

Though it is not recommended to travel during Ramadan still you must know what to expect. If in any case, you’ll want to, you cannot eat nor drink in public places during the daytime. You can do so after the prayers in the evening at sunset. The majority of the restaurants and clubs are not operating. If you opt to have fun, entertainment with loud music or dancing is prohibited throughout the month. Although alcohols are allowed to serve after sunset prayers in most bars, still there’s no music and even party. Also, travelers are expected to dress modestly during this period.