Top Five Ugly Traits of the Annoying, Domestic Indian Flier

Domestic flight journeys are the times when you come across the most annoying Indians at close quarters. From the space hoggers to the loud burpers and obnoxiously rude ones, here are the top traits of annoying Indian flyers.

Something strange happens to Indians, as soon as they board a plane, especially the infrequent fliers on domestic flights. It’s like their air tickets entitle them to rudeness and crudeness. Here are the most dreaded and annoying habits of Indian flyers.

  • They run at Olympic Speeds to board the flight at the Gate

Ok, let’s start at the beginning. Even when flight attendants call for only the passengers of particular rows to board the flight, you always come across a long queue snaking all the way down the terminal.

Yeah, these annoying fliers are always in a rush to board the flight, irrespective of their row numbers. They constantly live in fear of the plane taking off without them. Yes, this means regardless of the protocol, they want to be the first to board the flight.

  • They disembark as if their rear ends are on fire

Even before the plane taxies to a stop on the runway, they are in a constant hurry to get down. Yes, this includes ignoring the safety instructions of the flight attendants that include not to unbuckle the seat belts before the plane comes to a stop.

They are ready to elbow and push their way out, before any other passenger. They stand with their bags right next to the aircraft door, even before it opens. Repeated calls not to open overhead bins and stay seated fall on deaf ears.

Seriously, what’s the hurry to get down when you’re all going to wait at the luggage carousel?

  • They drink and eat as if they’ve never had a meal for years

The annoying domestic Indian flier feels that they haven’t got the “full value” of their ticket until they’ve had their fill of the free-on-board amenities. This includes hogging down four glasses of soft drinks, two-full meals and asking for umpteen free ear-buds, and not to mention a dozen trips to the loo, all on a 90-minute flight from Patna to Delhi or any other super-short domestic journey.

  • They believe that all space is for their personal use

They come aboard with three or more cabin bags and stow them in places meant for other passengers. If any other passenger tries to ask them to move their bags elsewhere, they give a haughty stare. Worse still, are those who occupy the aisle space with their mammoth trolley. They believe that instructions stating that the aisle should be kept free at all times for emergency evacuations are only for overcautious foreigners.

  • They hog the armrest

Pity you if you happen to be seated next to an annoying flier who occupies the middle seat. They not only claim both the armrests but extend their elbows so that you get a nice hard poke on your ribs. If an annoying passenger happens to be seated next to one of the same species, then you can be pretty sure of a heated argument, till the flight attendants have to interfere and swap seats.

And, there’s plenty more

And, let’s not mention the gas-balls, loud snorers, burpers, and worst – the ones who can’t keep their hands and legs to themselves.

While there’s no way to deal with these annoying Indian fliers onboard, all we can hope that etiquette classes are conducted in schools right from an early age. This way, at least the next generation of Indian fliers turn out to be individuals who are well-mannered and treat their co-passengers with respect.