Top 5 Benefits of Having a Monitor Arm

Musculoskeletal disorders are not just an affliction of manual laborers. In fact, simply sitting at your desk staring at a computer all day comes with a bunch of potential health risks.

So, how do you solve this? With an ergonomic workspace. And a monitor arm is the first step in the right direction.

Sill not convinced? Check out these 5 benefits of monitor arms that will have you rushing to buy one.

1. Optimum Viewing Distance

When you have monitor arms for desk use it allows you to figure out the optimum viewing distance and angle of your monitor. You can play around with the height, depth, and angle of your monitor. This enables you to adjust it according to your needs.

You won’t need to crane your neck or sit in awkward positions anymore. You’ll be able to sit in the most comfortable viewing position.

2. Flexibility for Team Viewing

Using a dual monitor arm at work encourages efficient teamwork and collaboration. The flexibility of the monitor arm means that you can flip, tilt, and move the monitor so that everyone can see the screen.

This is ideal for team meetings or conferences.

3. More Desk Space

A monitor arm mount takes up considerably less desk space than your actual monitor does. So, when you use a monitor arm, you automatically free up all the space underneath the monitor. This will enable you to keep your desk more organized and tidier.

Having a neat and well-organized workspace helps you to be more productive and less distracted.

4. Boost Work Efficiency With Two Screens

Adding a monitor arm with a second monitor to your workspace has unprecedented benefits for efficiency. Constantly switching back and forth between different programs, applications, and tabs on your laptop is time-consuming and an inefficient way to work.

With a monitor arm as your second screen, you can seamlessly spread your windows across two screens, seamlessly moving work and programs across both of the screens.

5. Better for Your Physical Health

Sitting at a desk behind a screen for an average of eight hours a day is not good for your health. It’s easy to get so absorbed in work (or looking at cat videos) that you don’t move for hours. This causes painful cricks in the neck and general joint and muscle discomfort in the shoulders too.

What’s more, having a monitor in the wrong position leads to bad posture such as slouching or leaning, which becomes a habit over time and leads to further pains and strains.

Lastly, if a screen is too close or far away from your face, you end up straining your eyes, leading to headaches and chronic strain.

So, how do you prevent all of this? By using the best monitor arm available! You can set it exactly in the perfect position to improve posture and prevent neck and eye strain.

Improve Your Work Space With a Monitor Arm

You spend the better part of your day at work, sitting at your desk and working on your computer. You deserve to be as comfortable as possible. And your physical health depends on it, too. With so many benefits of a monitor arm, it’s a no-brainer that it’s the best way to improve your workspace.

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