This is How the e-cig Works Till it Produces Vapor

Have you ever wondered how the electronic cigar works? Have you ever wanted to know the technology behind all that? If this has been your concern, then you really need to go through this article. This article accepts the fact that there have been so many recent technological advancements which have impacted positively in most aspects of life. This has seen so many electronic cigars come on board and gradually replacing the traditional cigars. Today, the population that is involved in the smoking and vaping is growing extremely fast. This can be attributed to the other form of smoking that is known as the vaping. The reason why it is referred to as the vaping is because it cannot take the word smoking. This is because of the fact that electronic cigar does not produce smoke but it produces the vapor. The vapor or steam is then supposed to be inhaled as it contains some traces of the nicotine substance that is known to be addictive and a stimulant. It is these two differences that make these two different from each other. Here are some of the three components that make the e-cig so different from the traditional cigars;

  • Solution
  • Mouthpiece
  • Rechargeable battery


The tradition cigar is associated with the burning of the dry tobacco. This is so different from the case of the electronic cigar. The e-cig works in such manner that it is fitted with the tobacco that is in the liquid form. The liquid is then kept in the special reservoir that is supposed to hold it up for a while so as it will be able to wait for the right moment when it will be vaporized through the heating at the highest temperatures by the heater. As the solution level reduces, the liquid needs to be refilled so as it can perfectly be able to be heated by the e-cig.


This is the upper part of the electronic cigar. It is in the best shape that makes it fit well in your mouth. The most important thing about this mouthpiece is that it is used to house the sensor of the device. The moment the sensor in the mouthpiece detects your intention to vape, the sensor triggers the heater to heat up the solution that will eventually lead to the massive production of steam. The vapor has some dissolved elements of nicotine that once inhaled changes the normal functioning of the body through the stimulation of the body.

Rechargeable battery

An electronic cig contains the battery that is supposed to be recharged from time to time. Before vaping therefore, the level of charge should be confirmed to make sure that it won’t stop the process at the midst. Once charged fully, it can take you through the vaping processes and a number of puffs will be produced. This is the common feature that is able to distinguish between these two types of cigars. The e-cig therefore needs care for it to serve for a longer time.