The Visible Advantages of HONOR 9x Pro

HONOR 9X Pro uses Kirin 810 chip with 7nm process. It has great innovations in endurance, appearance design, photographing and other dimensions. I’d like to share with you the advantages of HONOR 9X Pro.

  1. Kirin 810 NPU with 7nm Process is Unique in Android Lineup.

For mobile phone chips, upgrading to 7nm technology can improve performance. It achieves lower power consumption and stronger endurance. Kirin 810 achieved a 7nm process.

NPU first appeared in Kirin 970 processor. This is equivalent to setting up a special Al hardware processing unit. NPU is used to process massive AI data. The distribution of neurons is a reticular structure. This structure improves the efficiency of processing. The storage is helpful for machine learning.

It adopts two A76macrocores in the structure. The main frequency is 2.27 GHz. 6 A55 small nuclei. It has a dominant frequency of 1.88 GHz. The performance is powerful. The 2 +6 core architecture is flexible in application scheduling than 4 +4. The power consumption is suitable for daily use. Flagship machine’s configuration is put in the middle-priced machine. HUAWEI’s practice of raising the cost performance of the industry will be sought after by consumers.

  1. 8 million Ultra-Wide-Angle Night Shooting Three Shots

HONOR 9X Pro adopts a three-camera design of 48 million +8 million +2 million. It is equipped with 1/2inch super sensor, flagship ISP, AIS handheld super night scene 2.0, etc. The excellent configuration makes this mobile phone have strong night shooting ability.

  1. 6.59-inch Lifting Full Screen. This is the “big screen” I want.

The HONOR 9X series uses a 6.59-inch lifting full screen. This accounts for 92% of the screen. It has Germany’s Rhine Certified Eye Protection Optimization and Video Enhancement Technology. When watching the movie, the color is vivid. The details are clearer. The light is pleasing to the eye.

  1. 4000mAh Capacity Battery Supports Daily Use for Two Days.

The HONOR 9X has large batteries up to 4000mAh. It combines the 7nm process and the deep optimization of AI intelligent nodes. It is not a problem to support daily use for two days.

5, Extreme Heat Dissipation Optimization Measurement: It is “Not hot”

HONOR 9X Pro adopts PC-grade liquid cooling heat dissipation system. Large diameter liquid-cooled heat dissipation pipe runs through the cold and hot areas of the mobile phone. In easy-to-heat scenes such as games and navigation, the heat dissipation pipe emits heat in the first place. The core temperature is reduced by 5 ℃. It improves CPU performance. This is to protect the bloody performance of mobile phones.

We cannot separate a successful product from a research and development team with profound technical background. It’s important to have a spirit that regards user experience as its fundamental spirit. It needs a heart that dares to make profits to consumers and devotes itself to creating cost performance. From research and development to performance, this mobile phone shows the merchants’ intention to consumers. I hope you can like the highlights of HONOR 9x Pro. You can be a happy HONOR user if you buy smartphones in UK.