The Many Reasons To Tint Your Car Windows

Among the most popular custom modifications performed on high-performance vehicles, the application of window film brings a myriad of advantages to drivers. But while you may expect to see car window tint on those souped-up roadsters, the truth is that window tint is ideal for any vehicle, whether it’s a fast sports car or your family’s minivan.

Car window tinting is a smart investment into the care and quality of your automobile in much the same way you might invest in the purchase of a certain brand of tire or pour top-shelf motor oil in the engine. You can definitely get by with the lower grade versions of both these items, but why would you want to? Your automobile is your pride and joy, you want it to look great, run better, and stay in excellent shape for as long as you own your ride.

That means putting proper care and maintenance into its upkeep and adding the features that make it a safer vehicle to drive on the road. Window film is one of those features and there are many reasons why it’s a beneficial addition to your motor vehicle. While most car owners will decide to apply window tint to their vehicles as a matter of personal preference, their decision is typically motivated by all the benefits that it can provide you.

Shatter-Proof Windows

If you get into a bad accident with your vehicle, the chances of your windows breaking are pretty high. While most windshields are designed not to splinter into pieces even if they sustain a serious impact, the rest of the windows in your vehicle are not. That means they can shatter apart, showering you and your passengers in sharp pieces of glass.

But if you apply window tint to your car windows, that film can prevent the shards from being scattered into the main cabin of the automobile and reducing the chances of you and your passengers being cut. That’s because the window tint is hard to break and so it keeps the shards together, stuck to the film, even if the window breaks apart.

Reduced Glare

There’s nothing taking a long drive on a beautiful sunny day. But sometimes the sun can pose a hazard to drivers in the form of glare. This can greatly reduce the visibility of the driver and when you can’t see where you are going you are increasing the risk of driving into something or colliding with another driver.

But if you apply window tint to your car windows, you need not worry that you’re going to crash because the glare is greatly reduced to the point of not posing any risks on the road. Most drivers will use their car’s sun visor or wear sunglasses to combat glare, neither of which are even half as effective as the many available shades of window tint that are available on the market.

Decreased UV Exposure

The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet light which gets in through your windshield and surrounding windows, bringing all kinds of potential risks and hazards for both you and your vehicle. While the exterior paint of the car is designed and manufactured to withstand the impacts of direct sunlight and the UV rays that come with it, the interior of the vehicle is typically not treated in the same manner.

The result is a car interior that can start to fade and show accelerated signs of wear and tear.

But if you apply window tint to your car windows, that solar energy is filtered down to a far less degree to protect your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats from fading and bleaching. Reduced UV exposure also brings down the temperature inside the vehicle, making it more comfortable and keeping things cooler. Ever try to touch a metal seat belt buckle after it’s been in the sun for an hour or so? Ouch!

Another wonderful benefit of window tint is that it can protect you and your passengers from UV exposure as well. When you sit in that exposure for any extended period of time, your skin can start to feel the damage, increasing your risk of skin cancer and other sun-related conditions. 3M window tint is particularly good at reducing these risks by warding off up to 60% of the solar energy that can make its way into your vehicle.

An added benefit of window tint in filtering and reducing the solar energy that can get into the vehicle is that it also reduces the visibility of passersby and any thieves who might want to target your vehicle for theft when it’s parked.