Sailing school- All you need to know

Sailing is a fun experience. We all have seen those live-boards crossing ferocious tides across a beautiful sunset. However, gaining expertise on such maneuvers is not an easy job. Hence, there are schools that take care of the nitty gritty for beginners. Let us have a look at the significant aspects associated with the same-

Introductory classes – Before going to a full-fledged sailing school, it is ideal to attend a few introductory courses first that are organized by these schools. This will help in understanding the level of interest and also give a fair view on the requirement to take up such a course.

Skills required– There a few basics that one needs to master before starting on sailing school. A good understanding of navigation and tides help since these are the foundation of knowledge and measuring how one will be learning the boat.

Requirement– Upon joining an introductory class, one will understand if one-handed or double handed dinghy works best. Additionally ASA School in Mexico gives specialized Catamaran training as also live aboard and non-aboard courses that suit as per one’s requirement. Mastering a dinghy is always recommended before a keelboat, and the location of the school should be close to one’s place.

Aim– Understanding why one wants to learn to sail is also an essential factor. The ultimate goals of learning sailing and the environment one want to sail in determining the type of training one should undergo.

Location – North European Coasts are preferred for taking the training since they teach a lot about tides as compared to the Mediterranean Coasts which have almost none. The school should have world-class resources available at its disposal so that a beginner gets the same amount of training as a professional sailor. The training should be hands-on and top notch.


Geography– A coast that is lined with rocks keeps one on their toes while learning to handle the same. These are difficult terrains to master and hence ensure that the person learns to the best of their abilities. Rips in between islands like that of Scotland are also dangerous terrains and hence requires the sailor to master their craft to the fullest. Therefore learning to sail on a different variety of terrains and sea gives one something new to learn. Because if something is learned, it might as well be learned to the fullest.

Weather– Summer is usually a preferred time to learn sailing because of the winds. Small boats are usually better to learn professional sailing since they are most vulnerable to changing weather conditions and need to be handled precisely.

Learning to optimize the speed is one of the harder lessons that one needs to undergo. Tuning and working with other people on the boat takes a lot of patience and practice as well. Docking the boat is again one of the most underestimated parts considering how the boat was running along with learning mooring properly.

Learning to do necessary repairs and maintenance is of utmost importance given that many times one will find himself alone in the middle of nowhere. In case of an emergency, these life-saving tips can come handy and can save one from misfortunes. Sailing Catamaran is an art and requires a lot of patience and commitment. Hence one needs to be as much dedicated and interested while embarking on this journey.