Australians are proud to say that their country has the highest rate of pet ownership. Officially 61% of households own pets, with dogs being the highest. It is no secret that Aussies are animal lovers. They nurture, nourish, and give the best care possible to their pets. It is also ensured by providing their cats or dogs with the best pet supplies. These supplies range from medicines to grooming tools. 

Here are some pet essentials that every owner should have:

  1. Food for the pet

Providing a pet with nutrition goes without saying when one takes care of a pet. The food has to be appropriate for the age of the pet. For example, kitten and puppy food are available for newborns. If it has allergies, that also has to be taken into consideration while buying food. It is best to go for nutritional, vitamin-rich dog food. 

  1. Dietary Supplements:

Animals also require essential vitamins and minerals for their body to showcase optimum performance. It improves their immunity and provides vitality and energy. 

The fur, teeth, nails, and faeces often display signs of a lack of some nutrition. Calcium, Vitamins, Omega 3, and other supplements keep diseases and infections at bay and keep the pet healthy and strong. 

  1. Deworming and fleas:

Pets are prone to several infections, and the owners are responsible for safeguarding them. Deworming medicine can remove heartworm and other worms found in the bodies of pets.

Their fur is also a habitat for fleas and ticks. They have to be periodically cleaned with medication to remove these. Failure to do so can result in painful conditions for the pet. One should make sure their pets undergo these treatments occasionally so that these issues do not arise. You can find excellent resources on dog flea treatment online to know more.

  1. Food bowls:

Bowls are some of the necessities for a pet. They can be a simple stainless steel bowl or a personalised one with the dear pet’s name engraved on it. It is up to the owner to be creative at it. 

  1. Collars, Leash, and Muzzle:

These can be personalised as well, depending on the owner’s preferences. In the case of leashes, there is an increasing number of variants available. There are retractable ones, ones with padded handles, leashes with attached poop bag dispensers, reflective collars, and collars with LED light. 

These serve various purposes, from protecting the pet to helping them be easily manageable for the owner. It is good to have multiple leashes as extra leashes may always come in handy. Especially slip leashes are a great backup. One can simply slip it over the pet’s head. 

Collars have a wide variety as well. The owner selects them based on their needs. Muzzles are necessary while one takes the dog for a walk and to avoid issues with the neighbours. 

  1. First-aid Kit:

A pet needs first-aid after an injury as much as a human being. Therefore, have one ready with essential materials that one can put together. 

  1. Treats and Toys:

Pets love toys no matter what time of the day. They demand to be engaged, and it is healthy to give them toys to keep them active. Not keeping them excited can cause issues like depression. So the tools are generally used for training, health, and stimulation. 

Chew toys, scratching posts for cats, and treats are a great way to let them have fun. Not giving them adequate outlets to engage in is harmful. Remember not to overfeed them, as pets are prone to diseases like obesity and hypertension. 

As a responsible pet parent, one should take care of every need of the pet and ensure their comfort. One should also keep stock of the pet supplies and restock them whenever necessary.