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It is undeniable that the industry which has progressed the most in the last 10 or 15 years has been that of wellness and aesthetics, as well as the segments that involve it such as beauty salons, centers aesthetics, plastic surgery centers, relaxation centers, gymnasiums. In different modalities, private physical education teachers and the food supplement industry, of course. More and more people are doing everything to feel good, either with themselves or to show others. And that’s a full plate for other people’s marketing.

The Obvious Options for You

Obviously this is relatively slow growth that can never be equated with growth abroad, specifically in countries like the United States of America, Canada and Europe in its noblest countries. Despite this, this growth over the past 5 years has taken advantage of a gigantic general industry of different types, qualities, segments, reliability, marketing, profitability, etc. As you can get the coupon for iHerb Greece you can get the right health supplements from the iHerb now.

Tips for choosing good supplements

In the face of this brutal growth, many promises are appearing, many advertisements on each supplement, which leave users or those looking to start using these hair products standing. In addition to all these factors already involved in marketing, we must also take into account the socio-economic issues, who is not the best.

Thus, he seeks to combine quality and amount invested, which must be as little as possible. However, with this concern, many choose to look only at value, forgetting about other important factors, such as credibility, quality and confidence in the product that they adhere to with their expensive money, after all they end up believing that between two protein powder, one imported of very high quality and which costs R $ 200,00 / 900g is less beneficial than a low quality product with the same weight which costs R $ 80 or R $ 100.00. And a lot of people want to see a problem with that, after all they end up thinking that they are paying cheap for something good, when often they don’t.

  • There are countless ways to make a product bad, but these methods may or may not be legal. When legal, it is only a poor quality product or poor quality industrial process. However, the worst part is when it is a bad supplement for illicit items, such as counterfeits, adulterations, additions of compounds (which are often intended for human consumption) etc.
  • Therefore, it is extremely interesting and fundamental to be fully aware of what we are ingesting, not only because of the results, but mainly for our own health.


The problem can be considered even worse when we talk about non-hormonal ergogenic supplements, usually thermogenic supplements, fat burners, stimulants, pre-workouts, etc. These supplements can, when of poor quality, contain half a dozen compounds that are ineffective and unreal for ergogenesis. On the other hand, some may still have unwanted effects due to the inclusion of compounds not declared on the label. This is important to be aware of, as stimulants and others in excess or used incorrectly can easily cause serious problems.