Make your dog fall in love with you!

Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. However, they can be moody too. But if you want your dog to be totally head over heels for you, follow these tips. It is guaranteed that your dog will surely fall in love with you.

  • Be slow – Bringing home a new dog would surely not be an unconditional-love-fest. Your relationship with your pooch will also develop over time. Just like you don’t bond with people easily and instantaneously, similarly the dogs take time too. Creating and maintaining that bond take months and even years. So expecting a magical situation just as your dog enters your house would be an unrealistic expectation. To know more about dog temperaments, read on
  • Give him time and space – When you bring home a new pet, it might be all that exciting for you. But for that poor little creature, it could be dangerous. You need to give him time to trust you. He should feel safer while being with you. Let him choose a place of his own, let him lounge around there, let him play there. Dog proof that area. Put in blankets and toys. For some time, just let your dog be. He will come around.
  • Analyse behaviour – Find out what your dog loves the most. You can do this by analysing their behaviour. In case they like playing with the ball, let them play to their heart’s content. Some pooches love sleeping with stuffed toys, get more of them. Some pooches love to play Frisbee, play it along. So once you have analysed their behaviour and you know what they love the most, do it more often.
  • Have a lot of fun – Dogs love to have fun. Though you should be strict with them but not all the time. Loosen it up a bit. Play with them, let them have a lot of fun. This way you can create a better bonding with them and for them also, their focus and enthusiasm would build up.
  • Use positive training techniques – You need to adopt training techniques that are positive and are based on developing the behaviour of the dog. You need to ensure that you are correcting their incorrect conduct. And ensure that you make training more of a fun activity and not a chore. He will start trusting you. Learn more about positive training techniques for your dogs on the link –