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Key Things To Consider While Opting For Acrylic Prints

One of the biggest problems that many photographers face is deciding on the type of medium to print their pictures. In the digital age of photography, you have several options in hand to do justice to those images that you have clicked. You can either get them printed on paper canvas or you can be a little unconventional in your choice of medium and opt for a glass or metal backing. 

Acrylic printing is also quite popular among photographers and artists alike, as it tends to do maximum justice to certain kinds of photos. However, you should consider a few things before you go ahead with the plan, as mentioned below:

Choose the images properly

Not all pictures take their best form with acrylic printing, which emphasizes the importance of choosing the right one. According to the experts, the images with a lot of color and vibrancy look stunning with acrylic printing. The colors get life on the acrylic setting, which enhances the contrast and sharpness of the images. However, some black and white pictures also look amazing on acrylic, which enhances the contrast between different elements in the image. 

Select the right method

There are mainly two types of creating acrylic images namely, the face-mount method and the direct-print acrylic. Companies like Big Acrylic prints offer numerous other methods to enhance the images, but the aforementioned ones form the basis of acrylic printing. In the face-mount method, the pictures are printed on paper first and then on acrylic, while the direct-printing involves applying the print directly on the acrylic sheet. If your pictures are brighter and more colorful, it’s best to opt for the face-mount method. 

Know where to put the photo

Once you have your acrylic photo, ready to be displayed, you should choose an area, that’s not under a direct light source. This will make the acrylic sheet reflect a lot, thus creating distractions and disturbance for the onlookers. However, some companies can apply an anti-reflective coating on the sheet to prevent such issues from arising. 

Wrapping it up

When looking for the best photo printing lab for your images, you should also see if the professionals offer UV-protection on the acrylic sheet, which will prevent your photos from fading away with time. You should also ask them to make your photos scratch-resistant so that they last longer. All in all, ask as many questions as you want to the professionals and see if they can customize their services according to your suggestions.