Most animal babies are adorable, but one baby that is more creepy than cute is a spider baby. Depending on the species, spiders can have up to 2,000 babies. This can spell trouble if they hatch in your house.

You’ll find spider babies in your home more often in the fall when male spiders look for a mate. Pregnant spiders look for dark spaces and areas with lots of debris to lay their eggs.

These spider babies will grow into spider adults, and nobody wants a house full of spiders. Besides being creepy, some spider bites can cause you lots of harm.

Our helpful guide covers how to get rid of baby spiders to keep your home pest-free.

Vacuum Baby Spiders Up

The first tip for getting rid of baby spiders is to use your vacuum to suck them up. This method is helpful if you’ve already uncovered a spider nest with baby spiders in it.

Vacuum the area with the baby spiders until you can’t see any left. Make sure to suck up any spider webs or spider eggs that you see.

When you have finished sucking up the spiders, make sure to empty the vacuum canister. If you don’t, the spiders could hatch or grow inside the vacuum and cause an infestation in your closet.

Spider Sprays 

A more common baby spider removal technique is to remove them with sprays. Special chemicals will kill a spider on contact.

You can spray this solution directly on a spider nest. You can also spray corners or windowsills where spiders like to hide.

If you don’t have luck with the spider sprays, it’s time to call in the professionals. Find a local pest removal service, like the ones from this website, to get rid of your spider problem once and for all.

Outdoor Prevention

One of the best baby spider removal tips is to tackle the removal process from the outside. Light attracts bugs to your home, so keeping your outside lights off can help keep spiders away. Making sure your lawn is mowed and leaves are raked will also deter spiders from coming around.

Keep a Clean Home

Keeping a clean home is one of the greatest baby spider removal tips. A clean house gives spiders fewer places to hide.

Don’t leave food out, and wipe up any crumbs left behind. Any exposed food can be a feast for bugs, which spiders will come to eat. Putting dishes away and wiping your counters down each day will keep spiders away.

Don’t keep laundry or trashcans piled up. Spiders will use these spaces to have their babies because they are dark.

Keep your food in airtight containers so that spiders can’t get in the boxes. Make sure to wipe the inside of your pantry regularly, so crumbs don’t accumulate.

Know How to Get Rid of Baby Spiders to Keep Your Home Spider Free 

Although baby spiders are usually harmless, they are very unwanted home visitors. Knowing how to get rid of baby spiders will keep your home clean and pest free.

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