How Much Is CBD? A Cost Guide for CBD Products

Are you finally ready to try some CBD?

Since it was officially legalized in 2018, CBD products have been popping up everywhere. You can now find CBD oils, lotions, drinks, and much more.

If you’re a new user of CBD, it may seem overwhelming to know where to start. Prices can change drastically from one brand to the next, and it can be difficult to know if products are priced fairly.

So, how much is CBD? Keep reading for your cost guide for CBD products.

How Much Is CBD?

To learn how much CBD costs, you must first understand the different types of CBD and the various forms that CBD can come in. This will help you to get an accurate understanding of CBD cost.

While the industry standard comes in at $3 to $15 per gram, the price will change with the type and form.


CBD is a type of cannabinoid, which is a compound found in the cannabis plant. The most common cannabinoids are CBD and THC.

CBD has no psychoactive properties, which means you won’t get “high” when taking it. It does have many medicinal benefits, such as helping to reduce inflammation, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

THC is the primary cannabinoid that contains psychoactive properties, meaning you will get “high” when you take it. THC can also help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve depression.

Legality of CBD

The legality of CBD products has affected their production, which also affects their price. The extraction from CBD can occur from either marijuana or hemp plants. The compound is the same no matter which type of plant it comes from.

However, CBD is only legal on a federal level when it is extracted from a hemp plant that contains less than 0.4% THC. The state-level legality of CBD extraction from marijuana plants varies from state to state.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter much whether your CBD is derived from a hemp plant or a marijuana plant, other than when dealing with legal issues.

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

The most significant difference you’ll most likely see in price when comparing various CBD products is between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD refers to CBD oil that contains other cannabinoids besides CBD. This means that it will have a small amount of THC, still less than that 0.4%. While you most likely won’t feel any intoxication when taking full-spectrum CBD, it is thought to be the most effective because of the entourage effect.

The entourage effect refers to the phenomenon that cannabinoids work best when combined with other types of cannabinoids. So, if you’re taking CBD for anxiety, you will best feel its effects when there is also THC and CBN in it.

CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like, CBD isolated from any other cannabinoids. If you prefer not to consume any THC at all, CBD isolate is a great alternative. It’s also generally cheaper than a full-spectrum distillate.

Types of CBD

Besides comparing a full spectrum with an isolate, you’ll also see price differences when it comes to various CBD products.

You can find CBD flower, which does generally contain a small amount of THC. You can smoke CBD flower as you would regular marijuana flower.

You can find CBD concentrates and oils, which you can vape or use on a dab rig. These tend to be the most expensive CBD products.

There are various types of CBD edibles that you can find, from baked goods to candies, to coffees and teas, to full-course meals. The higher the concentration of CBD, the higher the price will be.

CBD topicals, such as lotions and balms, are some of the most popular CBD products because of the pain relief they can bring. There is even CBD makeup and shampoo.

If the CBD is of higher quality, you should expect to spend more. Yet, even the best CBD can be overpriced. To ensure you’re getting a good deal, try comparing very similar CBD products.

They should have the same percentage of CBD concentration and be lab tested and verified by third parties. If one seems to cost much more or less, you can begin to see the valid price that it should be.

The Price Fluctuation of CBD

CBD is expected to go down in price in a few years. Because of all the requirements that come with the legality of CBD, production has been halted for a long time.

If this were to change, the production rate of CBD could heighten tremendously, which means much more supply and a lower price.

The way CBD is extracted can also affect its price. If CBD is homegrown and the process is done in-house for a dispensary, the cost will be much less than if multiple parties are involved. As more dispensaries can make profits and evolve these processes, you can be sure to see the price of CBD lower.

Looking to Buy CBD?

Now that you can answer the question, “how much is CBD?” you can start to think about what you might want to purchase.

Are you looking to smoke it? Or, would you rather ingest it? What purpose would you be using CBD for?

Answering these questions can help you on your CBD journey, so it’s best to start considering them now.

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