It is always a tiring and long process to choose the best gifts for loved ones. In these times, it is easier to invest in hampers that can express the same emotions with an easier selection process. Hawi provides a range of gift hampers that can be customised from a variety of options that can be gifted on any occasion.

Gift hampers are the most versatile gifts to purchase. They can be presented on formal occasions but also for your significant others’ birthday. They are the easiest to select since they’re chosen to be of the crowd’s likings. Most companies have pre-collected options to choose from to make the job even simpler.

Selection of contents:

This option is for those who are specific and enthusiastic about what goes into their hampers. These hampers usually consist of a variety of items that can be anything ranging from lotions, cookies, perfumes, and even wines. These are carefully selected items that one is sure to love. They are also targeted at every gender so there are options for every gender. They are handpicked special items that enhance the aesthetics of the hamper. All these are chosen with care and are neutral options so one can never go wrong with what one might like. The hampers can also be provided with additional cards that can also be chosen from a range of designs that can contain any special message one might want to deliver. Assorted flowers can be easily arranged to add extra effort to the hamper. Some stores also add ceramics, scents, and jewellery to their list to make the gift functional and memorable for years to come.

Pre-designed boxes:

These boxes are planned for the indecisive ones who might be confused about what they want to buy. One can easily select from a list of hampers that are best suited for an occasion that already contain labels like ‘valentine’s day essentials’ or ‘baby shower necessities’. These hampers are carefully sorted by groups of people who specialize in sorting the best items for an occasion. This quality enables one to easily select hampers without any hassle. Further, customised handwritten cards and letters are available to be added.


Hampers are usually provided in boxes with a filling that helps with cushioning the items inside and not letting them break. They are decorated according to the occasion and are available in different patterns and colours that improve the aesthetics of the whole present.

Bulk ordering:

Many organisations prefer handing out hampers for appreciation or on special events to their employees or guests to promote their brands or for attending the event. Many hamper companies offer to place branding strategies on their hampers as tags to promote their brand through gifts. Companies like Hawi take corporate gifting to high standards by incorporating the best products into it with amazing packaging. They can either be customized or pre-decided according to the brands’ wishes.

Most of these products are ethical and reusable that customers can use them for multiple other purposes. They are also useful compared to other gifts as one might either be fond of a specific present or outright hate it. With hampers, there are multiple options that a person has to like one way or another due to the variety and love that goes behind every product. Many of these are consumables or items that can be used daily that also makes it a very efficient gift.