Foods To Eat To Wiggle Out Your Child’s Loose Tooth 

Watching your little baby grow into a beautiful child is one of the joys of being a parent. As a parent, you must have told your child stories about the tooth fairy. When your child starts losing their baby teeth one by one, it is time to pay extra attention to their dental health. You must also tell your child how it is normal for humans to lose their teeth so that permanent ones can grow. 

That being said, if your child has a loose tooth that has not been coming out for a long time, you might be able to speed up the process. You do not need to go to the dentist or use special techniques. Simply walk into your kitchen and find many foods that can wiggle out your child’s loose tooth. Meanwhile, if your child suffers from a toothache, visit a pediatric dentistry in Fullerton today. 

Foods to eat to wiggle out a loose tooth. 

  • Apples. 

Apples are a healthy and classic choice to get rid of loose teeth. This naturally crunchy fruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins, and its soft inner texture can ease the pain your child may experience while biting or chewing. Dentists recommend directly biting the apple instead of cutting it into pieces, especially when the front tooth needs to come out. 

  • Candies. 

If you want your child’s loose tooth to get removed, try giving them chewy candy items like taffy or caramel candy. The candy’s stickiness can easily pull the tooth out of its socket by latching onto it. Make sure your child brushes your teeth well afterward in order to prevent cavities or tooth decay. 

  • Pizza crusts. 

A loose tooth may sometimes hang precariously by an edge before it comes out. This normally happens when the child thinks it would be uncomfortable or painful to pull it out. Instead of pulling the tooth with your hands or forcing it, try taking your child out on a pizza night and cheer them to eat the delicious crust. Bite-and-pull foods like breadsticks and pizza crusts can pull out the loosely hanging teeth with minimal discomfort or pain. 

  • Raw veggies. 

Healthy veggies must be included in your child’s diet to provide them with essential vitamins and nutrients required for their growth. However, these healthy veggies can be a great help when trying to pull loosely hanging teeth. Hard surfaces of these veggies, like cucumbers and carrots, can move your teeth, making them loose and easier to come out.