Alaskan Cruise Excursions- Want to Escape Winter?

Alaskan Cruise Excursions

Alaska is known for its beautiful scenery and many Alaskan cruise excursions are the perfect way to explore the state. Whether it is whale watching, hiking, kayaking, or climbing, most Alaskan cruises offer an opportunity to experience Alaska’s natural beauty.

Which of these excursions can guests enjoy in Alaska?

The Alaskan Cruise Excursions are some of the best in the country. From hiking to elephant-back riding, here are five that you won’t want to miss. Cruises are an excellent way to experience Alaska’s beauty and wildlife without having to sleep on the ground.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or want to teach your children about their natural surroundings, there is an Alaska cruise excursion that will suit your needs. No matter what type of Alaskan cruise you are looking for, many different options are available.

Cooking in Alaska’s Wildest Kitchen

Some people are born with the gift of the gab. Others have phenomenal physical abilities. But for those who are just average joes, overcoming what you might call “natural disadvantages” takes a lot of talent and hard work. It is exactly what Anchorage native Nathan Williams has done to become one of Alaska’s most promising young chefs. Williams has used his natural passion combined with an intense work ethic to turn.

The Wildest Kitchen in Alaska into a successful catering company, serving up delicious calorie-rich treats across the state. He’s a hard worker, true enough, but his incredible talent as a chef is what makes this story truly inspiring.

Williams’ commercial catering business runs him around the clock, but he never misses an opportunity to spend time in Alaska’s wildest kitchen. This one-of-a-kind lifestyle has led him to cultivate an impressive following in Anchorage and beyond: the 29-year old has served up countless dishes to some of the state’s most successful celebrities, including musicians such as Matisyahu and local politicians like Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Best Shore Excursions in Alaska Royal Caribbean

The best shore excursions in Alaska are the old-fashioned way of experiencing this pristine landscape. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with the Alaskan wilderness on these tours, which often include kayaking, hiking, fishing, biking, camping, or rafting. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite scenic tours in Alaska to help you plan your trip!

1) Seward – Visit Resurrection Bay by getting close and personal with glaciers on a kayak tour.

2) Ketchikan – Savor salmon baked in foil while admiring one of Southeast Alaska’s most magnificent waterfalls on this scenic river rafting adventure deep into rainforest canopies.

3) Sitka – Discover Alaska’s deep-water harbor on this kayak tour of Sitka’s sheltered waters and soaring crags.

4) Haines – Hike through the pristine wilderness of this remote island in Alaska and then take a leisurely boat ride across an immense, wild sea.

5) Juneau – Experience a high-speed helicopter tour over the mountains in the Queen Charley Wilderness.

6) Skagway – Adventure with Midnight Sun Helicopters along the coast on this scenic helicopter flight to view glaciers and wildlife.


Many Alaskan cruise excursions are an excellent way to see the most pristine parts of this stunning state. Visitors are welcome to explore the coastline on an Alaskan cruise by choosing one of many different shore excursions. From glacier viewing to kayaking, there is something for everyone. The best excursions offer guests the opportunity to explore the area away from other tourists, and these types of tours often include wildlife viewing and photo.

Alaskan cruise excursions are an excellent way to see the most pristine parts of this stunning state. From glacier viewing to kayaking, there is something for everyone. Have you ever wanted to experience Alaska? Now is your chance!