5 Reasons Why You Should Play Rummy

Rummy, as a card game, is one of the oldest in India- and its varying forms are very prominent in other culturesand traditions as well. In India, the card game is a popular pastime sport as well as a full-time profession. Unlike a lot of mindless hobbies, Rummy comes with its own set of benefits and advantages. This article elaborates some of the reasons as to why one should startto Play Rummy, & how is it beneficial to the player. Some such benefits are:

1.   Mental Simulation

Playing cards have a significant effect on your brain’s activity. The calculations, bluffs and strategies involved in Rummy are based mainly on the collective functioning of one’s mind, the different senses and also the cognitive abilities. So, the game improves coordination, in addition to enhancing the promptness of reflex actions since the game is quick-paced and always keeps one on their toes.

2.   Holistic Development

One of the main reasons for anyone to playRummy is that it will teach you how to multitask. The regular act of arranging/discarding/picking up cards, while simultaneously,  observing the opponents’ moves and calculating your counter moves is a great way to learn practically how to multitask. Since you play with a variety of different players, there is an opportunity to interact with a lot of different personalities and mentalities, which will help improve your communication skills. All this shall provide you with holistic development.

3.   Quick Calculations

The game of Rummy is a very mathematical one, and you know that practice makes one perfect. While playing Rummy, you are forced to make precise decisions in a short time, thus enhancing your mathematical abilities that can prove to be beneficial in your everyday life as well. The very essence of the game, comprising probability and point-keeping is mathematical which will consequently make the player very well acquainted with the basic concepts of mathematics.

4.   Decision-Making Skills

Rummy is a strategy based game. You need to look at your opponent’s power plays, figure out your counter attackand be prepared for anything that comes your way. You must do all this while picking and discarding yourcards. It is time-bound, and you need to make decisions under pressure which dramatically improves your decision-making skills. Since you don’t have the added privilege of time during the game, this helps to develop your thinking and processing faculty.Making on the spot crucial decisions without a moment’s break teaches you a lot about decision-making.

5.   Develop Your Concentration

Rummy is the kind of game that has to be played sitting down, with your mind being consciously aware of each minute detail. While playing, being observant is a necessity. Keep your eyes on the cards and not lose track of anything, as one mistake can change the game. Playing the game for any duration requires observation, concentration and an eye for attention.

Thus, Rummy is a cash game that enhances your cognitive abilities and qualifies as a fun and relaxing pastime at the same time.