5 Engaging Ways to Keep Kids Entertained (So You Can Get Things Done)

Do your children keep distracting you from what you’re trying to do?

Every time your attention gets diverted, you lose track of what you were doing and need more energy to get back into it. Talk about an annoyance!

But children are full of energy and need independent activities to focus on. Read this article to learn 5 engaging ways to keep kids entertained and finally get things done.

1. Keep Kids Busy With Art

Keeping kids entertained for a while could be as easy as getting some art supplies. Children are full of inventiveness and love to express it through creative mediums.

If they love to draw, give your child a paper and some pencil crayons. You don’t need to get anything fancy, blank paper is enough.

Alternatively, get them some coloring books. Or give them an assignment with a few drawings to do for you.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles are one of those things that stood the test of time when it comes to kids’ entertainment. A good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle should be enough to keep your child busy for a while.

What’s more, puzzles aren’t just a pastime. They’re great for your kid’s development. They help learn things like concentration, spatial awareness, and shape recognition.

3. Build Things

Kids don’t need a whole lot to start building something and be out of your hair. Give them a box with whatever you can gather.

This can include such simple things as craft glue, toilet paper rolls, scrap wood, and pipe cleaners.

Tell them to build a town, castle, or any special contraption they’d like to and watch them get to work.

4. Educational Games

Computers and video games can be extremely educational for children. They’re fun and can help your kids develop certain skills such as problem-solving and foster their creativity.

You can use a computer or portable console for kids. Check out to learn more about the Nintendo Switch in particular, which is very popular among children.

When it comes to electronic games though, you might consider setting a time limit as children can have trouble disengaging from their screens.

5. Chores

This might sound surprising to you, but chores can be a great way of keeping your kids busy. Though we tend to balk at them, children don’t have the same viewpoints as adults.

They’re still learning the basics of life and love to feel involved in the things grownups do. You can teach them life lessons, keep them busy, and have them do something useful all at once.

If you’re going to clean the living room, have them tidy their rooms. At first, you’ll have to show them how to do it. But if you explain it and present it in a good light, they’ll learn good habits.

Keep Kids Entertained and Get Things Done

Knowing how to keep kids entertained is important if only just to have some time to do what you need to do.

But kids’ activities are also a great opportunity for learning. Anything that will stimulate their creativity is good. Encourage them to draw, do art, and build things with their hands.

Puzzles and educational games are excellent to develop skills such as focus and problem-solving skills. And if you’re looking for another option, teach them how to do chores.

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