3 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping for Casters

You can find casters just on just about everything that you want to roll from one location to another. They are used for office chairs, kitchen carts and industrial machines, just to name a few. Adding these items to your furniture or replacing broken ones can be relatively simple as long as you know the type, size and materials needed for the job.


There are several different types of caster wheels and assemblies with different features such as swivels, locks and heavy duty casters for larger or heavier equipment. To find the right wheels for your project, it is important to look at the functions you want it to have. For instance, if you are turning a side table into a rolling cart, then you might want swivel casters on one end for steering and fixed ones on the other side for stability. You also might want the wheels to have locks on them to keep the cart from rolling when you want it to stay.


The size and weight of the equipment or furniture you want to put on casters will have an impact on the size of the wheels and assembly. This is to ensure that the wheels do not crack or break under the pressure and are large enough to provide a firm foundation while rolling and adequate control. The wrong size of casters, or the wrong material, for the size and weight of the equipment and the wheels could compact under the weight and be more difficult to roll.


The material that your casters are made out of will help determine the weight loads that they can handle. You can find these items made from steel, plastic, wood, resin and a number of other materials for both strength and aesthetic purposes. Some of the most durable wheels are made from a type of resin which is infused with shreds of other materials such as plastic, metal or rubber. This can help you move heaver loads with less compression of the wheels.

Caster wheels are part of your everyday life and can make a lot of tasks easier. From rolling between tasks in your office to moving heavy equipment, these ubiquitous parts can be found on a large variety of items and added to many more. Whether you are replacing a broken unit or wanting to add wheels to your project, finding the right type, size and materials for your casters can get you rolling.