Why Should You Use a Custom Hydraulic Cylinder?

Many car owners regard their vehicle as an extension of themselves, and they customize it to represent their uniqueness and originality. And according to a recent study, young drivers aged 16 to 24 in the United States spend $7.2 billion per year altering their vehicles, while every year, almost 7.9 million Americans modify or improve their vehicles. Car modification is an interesting and creative application that enables young Americans to express themselves. As such, larger projects become collaborative endeavors, and changes like custom hydraulic fabrication in St John, KS, give them something to speak about with their friends.

Customized Hydraulic Cylinder 

The standard hydraulic cylinder is made up of the following components:

  • The barrel
  • Connection at the top and bottom
  • Head
  • Connection between the piston and the piston rod

In the case of custom cylinder manufacturing, the customer and the engineer will collaborate to create a version with precise specifications. As such, you can adjust the diameter, length, and materials throughout the customization process. You could also change the design and structure of the valves, pistons, and valve manifolds. Finally, you can change the port placements and mountings and incorporate functionalities.

Why Choose a Custom Cylinder?

It Is Built to Your Specifications

As a result of the customization procedure, you will obtain a hydraulic cylinder tailored to your specific demands. The chosen engineers will work with you to guarantee that the result meets your specific requirements, and you can implement a customized part in your vehicle if you wish to customize your gear instead of using standard parts. Meanwhile, there won’t be any over-engineering or under-engineering, and many issues can be avoided by not attempting to push a normal hydraulic cylinder to operate in a customized machine.

Alternatives to Consider

Tie-rod cylinders are the most common off-the-shelf cylinders. They are bigger, have more installation limits, and require more maintenance and servicing than specialized hydraulic cylinders. Even with larger rods, there are choices for increasing lift or pushing capacity. On the other hand, any scenario can be covered by custom hydraulic fabrication in St. John, KS. The customized layouts of your choice will be easy, efficient, and allow you to select the return type, which is an important consideration when selecting the best cylinder for the task.

The Distinctions Between Conventional and Customized Hydraulic Cylinders

As you might assume, the cost of designing, engineering, and manufacturing a well-functioning custom hydraulic cylinder could be more than the standard alternative. And if the standard options are insufficient, any upfront expenses for a custom cylinder will be insignificant as compared to the cost of correcting any damage due to faulty equipment.

Which Cylinder Type Is Best for You?

Your judgment on whether a standard cylinder would be enough for your task will be guided by design criteria and application. For instance, a standard cylinder could get you up and running fast in low-stress scenarios. Aside from that, a custom cylinder will always outlast and outperform the competition. Meanwhile, a unique design created exclusively for your application will typically pay for itself in the long run through decreased downtime and maintenance costs. Besides, pricing and delivery may be less expensive than you think!

The customized hydraulic cylinder offers several advantages, including being produced according to your requirements and being customized. And while adopting the normal path is less expensive, you may find that some of your requirements, such as size, are covered by the equipment while others, such as rod material, pressure, and so on, are not.