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What You Need to Know About the Famous Sealy Mattress

Sealy is a well-known brand commonly found in large warehouse outlets or mattresses stores. It is one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the United States. It is a part of Tempur Sealy, a publicly-traded conglomerate, which owns several brands, including Stearns and Foster.

With a legacy of posture-supporting and innerspring mattresses, Sealy mattress has innovated over the years by integrating pocketed coil systems and memory foil. With several competitively-priced options, Sealy mattresses are an exciting brand with multiple material and firmness options for all types of sleepers. This article guides you through what you need to know about Sealy mattresses.

Types of Sealy Mattresses

Sealy mattresses come in four distinct lines of mattresses, which include the ever-popular Cocoon by Sealy Mattress. The company’s other line include the following:

  • Response (innerspring) line: The Sealy response line is the company’s innerspring line and comprises the Sealy Performance Collection, Sealy Essential Collection and the Sealy Premium Collection. While all of these options come with foam layers, the Premium and Performance collections have higher-end foams. They also offer multiple firmness options.
  • Conform (memory foam) line: This line features all-foam mattresses which offer varying firmness options. Similar to the Response line, the Conform line collections include Sealy Essential, Performance and Premium collection. The mattresses come in two to three layers of foam, with some carrying special cooling substances to turn the heat away.
  • Hybrid line: This line provides generous layers of foam with pocketed coils for support. Similar to other lines, it has three-tiers, consisting of Sealy Essential, Performance and Premium collections. Its Performance and Premium collections contain cooling memory foam and higher-end coil systems.
  • Sealy mattress-in-a-box: This line allows for easy shipping. It comes in both hybrid and memory foam mattresses with eight, ten, and twelve inches profile options. It is lightweight with a simple setup. However, this line’s memory foam and hybrid mattresses do not seem to come with all upgraded features as hybrid and foam mattresses of Hybrid and Conform lines. Also, while Sealy mattress-in-a-box prioritises the customers’ convenience, not every mattress in the line has a sleep trial or can be returned.

Sealy mattress’ properties and functionalities

Here are the overall properties and functionalities of a Sealy mattress:

  • Comfort: Some Sealy mattresses are marketed and sold under various names in different retailers. Nevertheless, Sealy products as a whole obtain a good initial reception, particularly the Cocoon mattress. Still, some users have long-lasting comfort issues.
  • Firmness: One thing the company does well is manufacturing mattresses with various firmness levels. It offers a range of firmness options with one being the softest while ten being the firmest. Since comfort levels are directly proportionate to the firmness level, users may want to determine their firmness preference level first before picking the mattress.
  • Back pain relief: Although there are reports of pain alleviation and initial comfort in certain models, some users reported issues with dipping and sagging in certain situations.
  • Cooling property: Both Sealy Performance and Premium collections emphasise on cooling technology. In most cases, these collections should sleep cool. Users living in a warmer environment may need something more specialised.

Who should opt for Sealy mattresses?

The company’s best-rated choice is the Cocoon mattress. The company’s broad range of options might be helpful for some users who need more tailored options.


Sealy offers good-quality mattresses tested for comfort. The company manufactures several distinct lines of mattresses, including the Response lines, Conform lines, Hybrid lines and Sealy mattress-in-a-box. Overall, the mattresses offer great comfort, various firmness range, back pain relief and some are installed with cooling technology.