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What To Look For When Hiring An International Moving Company?

When selecting an international moving company, you need to know what you are buying. The lowest price may not include the same services you require, or you may have been quoted for a minor move to offer you a lower price and sell you on it, charging you the difference later.

The initial price is not the only difference between international moving companies. What you end up paying can be much higher than you thought if you go on price alone.

The experts at move tailors tell us that the first thing to compare is the size of the movement expressed in volume or weight, so ask at least two companies to visit your home and give you an estimate of the size and price of the move. There is no substitute for an in-home estimate; all others may not be reliable. If the size estimate is similar, you can continue with your comparison, but if there is a big difference, ask another mover for a size and price estimate.

Ask for a detail of the services included in the price and an estimate of expenses not related to the move, such as taxes or port charges, which are not always informed, and which you will have to pay anyway when customs requires them, and which some companies do not warn you about to give the false impression of a lower cost so that you buy from them.

Also, consider how many years the mover has been in business, whether they can offer references from previous customers, whether they have staff and equipment, and how good a service you receive when you contact them. For many years, a company is a sign of experience, seriousness, and security; otherwise, it would no longer exist.

We understand that you want a hassle-free move at a fair price, so look for quotes that accurately describe all the services included and estimate the cost for those that are not.Click here to know more:

The services typically included in international moves consist of protecting and maneuvering your furniture and belongings, transporting and delivering them to your home in the new country.

Any other service may result in an additional charge if not included in the price, hence the importance of a home visit. You provide as much information about your home at your destination. For example, if you need to use stairs and elevators in the destination city, narrow streets or traffic restrictions prevent the truck from reaching the door, etc.

Move Tailors advisors remind us that you should not bring new items, natural plants, food and beverages of any kind (including water, canned or baby food, etc.), firearms, ammunition, counterfeit copies of items including CDs and DVDs, medicines, etc. and of course do not ship money, jewelry and valuable documents that you will need upon arrival such as passports, plane tickets, stock market shares, birth certificates, insurance policies, children’s report cards, etc. Remember that moving companies are not carriers of valuables.

The probability of significant damages during the move is small, but the possibility always exists, and in the remote case of occurrence, you have to be protected so that it does not represent a breakage to your economy; that’s why you need to know how protected you are if you insure or not.

The maximum liability for carriers, including movers, is limited, only a few cents per pound or kilogram of weight per damaged or lost item, so it is highly recommended to insure them by purchasing insurance to protect your belongings.