What Is an Acoustic Shield?

When it comes to industrial machinery, it is important to reduce loud noises when possible to not only create a better environment but for the safety of your hearing as well.

Utilizing an acoustic shield or acoustic blanket is a great way to limit the sound that loud machinery makes. Acoustic shields are easy to install and an affordable option for both large and small businesses.

What Is an Acoustic Shield?

An acoustic shield is a large cloth made of fiber glass and barium sulfate loaded vinyl that is custom designed to fit your specific machinery needs.

The acoustic blanket insulation panels are put together in a specific way to ensure the entire machine is covered. This will prevent harmful sounds from being emitted, and protect the hearing of nearby workers.

How Loud Is Too Loud?

When it comes to workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States (OSHA) states that noises may not exceed 90 dBA for an eight-hour work day.

This level of noise is equivalent to lawnmowers, power tools, blenders, and hair dryers. When noises are at a level of 85 decibels or higher, permanent hearing loss can occur.

Loud noises damage cells, membranes, and hair inside the cochlea, which can cause them to die. Overtime, the hearing loss will intensify with continual exposure.

Installing an Acoustic Shield

Acoustic shields and blankets can be customized to a specific piece of machinery and are usually able to be installed at the plant or wherever the machine is located.

One of the most convenient features of an acoustic shield is once it is installed it is not permanent. This means that the product can be removed in order to work on the machinery. Once removed, it is can be reinstalled and will still remain as efficient as before.

Why Use an Acoustic Shield?

Other than the obvious reason of protecting the hearing of everyone working in the same space as the machinery, there are numerous other benefits as well.

Machines that run hot will have a significantly lower surface temperature when covered with an acoustic blanket than they would when completely exposed. This will help save energy and protect anyone who may be in close contact with the machinery.

In addition to reducing the level of noise emitted and controlling the surface temperature, it will also minimize the vibrations that may be a result of the machinery.

Protect Your Hearing

Installing an acoustic shield or an acoustic blanket is an easy way to stifle loud noises from heavy industrial machinery. It is an imperative move to protect and preserve your hearing.

Coupled with hearing protection, this will create a safer and more enjoyable work environment.

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