What Are the Menus that You Can Make at Your Condo?

You must have observed that everyone has the desire to eat. So, if you are one among them who is residing in a condo then it will easier for you to make several dishes. The reason behind it is that condo is situated near shopping malls, restaurants, and other food junctions.

Mentioned below are some of the menu condo (เมนู คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) that you can easily try at your home. They are:

Salsa Along With Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

This recipe should be on top of your list. You can simply add a twist to your favorite grilled cheese sandwich with the help of this recipe. So, all that you need to do is add a dash of salsa to get a new taste and it will go well along with the cheddar taste. It can also be cooked in the toaster oven but you will have to wait until the cheese melts down.

Garlic Pasta With Lemon

If you have tried too much red or white sauce pasta then you must try your hand at a simple lemon garlic pasta recipe. One of the main ingredients of this dish is lemon and roasted garlic. To get roasted garlic, all that you need to do is heat them in the oven. Once you are done with the recipe you will find that it is not only simple but at the same time also good for your health. The reason behind it is that lemon balance the pH value of the body.

Deep Dish Pizza Cupcake

Pizza is the best dish that you can prepare in your condo. Keep one thing in your mind that you will not need any sort of large ovens to prepare condo pizzas. All that you need to have are the pizza toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, and onion. If you have any scheduled guests to visit your condo then you can try this recipe at home.

It can be said that condo living will be incomplete without good food as it adds flavor to your living. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the condo lifestyle then you can also prepare a luxurious meal at the condo pantry. You can customize the menu at your condo based on your need and desire. You will find that making food at your condo gives you ultimate satisfaction.