The Secrets You Must Know About Decks Of Playing Cards

Deck of cards usually used by casinos and magicians. These are the playing cards that are best-selling due to the demand of the growing numbers of card players. Many people who are not into casino games, yet have it at home. Why? Many people love playing cards according to the kind of game they like. They might use it for playing real money or for fun. But, some people make fun of these playing cards for career purposes. These people are the gamblers and magicians. Varieties of playing cards in the market are sold according to their types. There are playing cards that are made of paper, plastics, and some other materials. But, did you know that these playing cards are not all the same? Yes, there is a marked deck of playing cards used by many people, not for gambling purposes but personal use.

Deck of cards: the hidden secrets

Did you know that there are hidden secrets in a deck of playing cards that many people don’t know? Did you know that these playing cards dated long years and some speculations about why a deck of cards has the following:

  • 53 decks
  • Four suits
  • Four colors etc

Some believed that the two colors, red and black, represent night and day. The four suits represent the four seasons of the year. There are 12 court cards in a deck that represents the 12 months of the year. In the Chinese calendar, there are 12 animals of the year or the 12 zodiac symbols. There are 13 cards in each suit and it represents the lunar cycle. They say that the moon is traveling around the Earth 13 times each year and 13 weeks each season. If there are 52 decks in a playing card, there are also 52 weeks in a year. Now, are all of these a coincidence? Some would say that if you add up all the single values in a deck of cards together, you are getting 365, which is the days of a year. Now, is this myth true or false? No one could prove how true the myth is. Check out how true it is at

If you take the Math, the average value of a playing card is seven, then multiply it with the number of suits, which is four. Then, multiply it with the number of cards of each suit, which is 13 that gives you 364, and then add a joker, you will be getting 365. Another easter egg in a deck of cards is the eight diamonds. How diamonds do you see in the said card? If you try to look at the negative space wherein the eight diamonds are placed, you will see the eight-figure in there.

Some information about the decks of cards mentioned above are probably ordinary to the year, yet you have not discussed it. Although you are aware of it, yet no one got the interest to focus on these details and figure out if it is true or not. However, these are just ordinary details, yet if you focused on it, you will probably get amazed.