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The different types of floor mats available for offices and industries

Finding the commercial floor mat for your business can increase your safety, improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs. From grease-resistant kitchen mats to comfort mats that reduce people’s everyday aches and pains, there is one option available for every establishment. However, only installing a floor mat is not enough. The floor mat must be adequately maintained as well. Check out sanitary service KL if you live in Kuala Lumpur to have your floor mat serviced regularly. In case you’re planning tool buy fresh floor mats for your business, here are a few types that you should check out

Anti-fatigue floor mat

Anti-fatigue floor mats can be used at quick-serve restaurants, snack shacks, cash registers at grocery stores, assembly lines in factories, and hostess or host stations in restaurants or hotels. These mats are specifically designed to ease the stress on the leg and back of workers involved in jobs requiring them to stand for long periods. These mats are either available for individual use or can be purchased by foot size and cut to any length. This makes them an excellent option for assembly lines.

Wet area floor mats

These floor mats are specifically meant for places that are most often wet, like dish rooms and prep regions in commercial kitchens, outdoor ramps if your business is located in a cold climate, behind bars, coolers in grocery stores, and restaurants. These mats provide fantastic traction in the wet regions and will keep your customers and employees from falling and hurting themselves. When you check for a wet area floor mat, make sure that the rug has proper water-resistant and drainage holes. If you buy a mat without appropriate drainage capability, it will take longer to dry and get worn out quicker.

Entrance and carpet floor mats

These mats are perfect for foyers, lobbies, elevator floors, busy hallways, entrances, and doorways in the case of restaurants, convenience stores, offices, and college campuses. If you are placing entrance mats at entrances, they can be used for cleaning people’s shoes as they walk into the facility. Suppose you are worried about the protection of your carpet. In that case, you can install a carpet protection mat to maintain the flooring quality.

Specialty and industrial floor mats

These floor mats are mainly built to resist high voltage areas like fuse boxes, heavy machinery, and control panels. These mats are used in general maintenance applications like weight rooms and locker rooms. If you are planning to get your floor mats serviced, check out floor mat service Johor.

Even if you put out a fresh set of mats, be it rubber or carpet, all the mats need to be cleaned and maintained. In the case of rubber mats, you can wash them with water and soap, while carpet mats will have to be vacuum cleaned. Under some conditions, you may also have to get your mats deep clean by professionals to keep them functional for a more extended period.