Switching Car Insurance Company and Short-Term Auto Insurance

Before switching car insurance company, you have to consider the following:

Content Coverage: Before switching car insurance company, you should examine the coverage content by asking this question, is it the right coverage I need for my vehicle and is the price affordable by me? Is it cheaper than my present policy? What actually is the difference and am I ok with it? You are the only one who can answer these questions.

Financial Rating:

A sound financial rating, great customer services and good insurance claim delivery are what you will be looking for when you are planning to switch. This is vital in case when you are involved in accident and wants to make a claim. Always look out for insurance company with AAA or BBB rating.


This is one of the factors to consider before switching car insurance company. Are you at advantage with the new quote you are getting from car insurance company you are switching to? You are the only one that can answer this question.

Discounts offered:

Some car insurance company offers discount for having multiple policy. You should also consider if this is available.

What Are Needed to Switch Car Insurance Company?

In switching car insurance company, you should have the following at hand:

Car Details:

You should be able to provide the following information

    Car registration number

    Your estimated annual mileage

    Car details which includes model, specifications including make.

    Your details of claims and Convictions

    Driving license details for all drivers covered by the policy.

Personal Details:

      Your name, address, date of birth and employment status

      Additional information required of you.

Policy Need:

      You state the type of car insurance cover you need.

      The mileage you expect to cover

      Whether or not you have no claim bonus

      The amount you agree to pay for each claim

Short Term Auto Insurance

Short term car insurance is the kind of insurance taken to Insure your vehicle for a short duration of time. It can be for days, weeks or months.  There are circumstances that brought about this.


They may include the following;

  • When one purchase a new vehicle and need to take it home. He will need at least one day car insurance.


  • When one is on holiday and hires a vehicle to drive around the city. He may need day car insurance.


  • A relative may visit you and need to drive around the city; you can get one day auto insurance for him.


  • At times, you may need a bigger car or van to convey your bulky items to a particular location. One day auto insurance may be needed if you want to hire the van and drive it by yourself.


  • If you win an auction, one day car insurance may be needed to take the won car home.


Buying short term car insurance can be bought on the internet, car dealers and also from car insurance agents. One good advantage of short term auto insurance is that it can be concluded on the internet and printed out immediately. You can get cars on rent or lease at