Planning to Ship Your Motorcycle – Know The Frequently Asked Questions

Your dreamy motorcycle may be a little expensive than you can spend or you find a good deal in another country. Whatever it is, many of us don’t want to spend money to ship a motorcycle, but professional service is one of the best ways to get your motorcycle safely. If you want to know more about it, then this article is for you.

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Here are a few frequently asked queries that help you in dealing with a professional motorcycle transporting service.

Whether the driver makes a note of the vehicle’s condition?

Yes, the driver prepares documentation of vehicle condition, origin, as well as destination.

What if the location is not accessible to the trailer/tractor, can the customer meet the driver at the street corner when the driver calls?

Even though having a tractor-trailer location is an easy way to access, but if you are not located in a tractor-trailer location you can meet the driver at a nearby location. You can even hire a small truck, but there will be extra charges for it.

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Open and closed trailer, which one is ideal?

In case, you are going to ship the motorcycle long distance, then a closed trailer is a perfect option as it not only keeps the vehicle safer but also protects it from finishing damages as well. For instance, you want to transport an off-road, damaged, or dirty motorcycle it’s good to choose an open trailer.

What types of equipment does a professional service provide?

They provide a variety of equipment including specialty trucks – with loading-assist function, lift gate, or secure ramps, Air-ride suspension – to protect the vehicle from bouncing, and custom pallets or skids – for safety. Also, they offer spacing bars, wheel chocks, metal hooks, tie-downs, and more.

Can the customer pickup on a specific day and at a particular time?

Usually, a driver will call you regarding the arrival time and the driver can estimate only 5 hours time frame. If you want to request a specific date depending on your schedule, then there might be additional charges.

How the customer has to prepare the motorcycle for shipping?

For the protection of the motorcycle, you have to prepare all the units except keys and large units like a slingshot, golf cart, UTV, etc. In case the vehicle is more than 58″ tall, then remove the cage, windshield, and other heavy parts. Also, make sure that the steering is unlocked, disable the alarm system, and keep the vehicle in the mode of transport.

In addition to these, you can also check whether the driver picks up as well as deliver on late hours or weekends, the driver can make a call before arrival, time is taken for the transportation, and more.

By hiring a professional shipping service, you can protect your vehicle from accidents and damages. So, gather information about the top-rated professional shipping service, choose the best one, and schedule your vehicle transportation today.